Your favorite Halloween costume (with pictures!)

Well, Halloween is coming! It’s my favorite holiday.
I’m sure a thread like this has been done before (I think I actually responded to it :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I thought it would be fun to do it again and with pictures (or not, your choice).

What is your favorite costume that you have worn/will wear.

Here’s mine closeup and full body shot.

Can you guess what I am? And the witty comments begin…

They don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia, and it’s my favourite holiday of the year :(.

I’ve tried having a Halloween party a few times but everyone comes in really half assed what-the-hell-am-I-dressing-up-for costumes.

So my favourite costume dates back to my Canadian days, when my brother and I discovered the joy that is liquid latex: we painted our faces red, covered them in liquid latex and when it dried painted them white. We could then go up to people and rip our faces off quite convincingly :).

I wish I had a picture - I might have one at work, if so I will link it up tomorrow.

Last year for Halloween, I was Nothing. I wore all black - black robe, black shoes, black pants, black hood, with a black mask that obscured 100% of my face. It was really neat. I could see out, but no one could see in. I had a voice alteration gizmo hooked up so no one could tell who I was all day.

Later, I wore the garb to a party where I only knew a couple of people. I have never been more gregarious than I was that evening. For some reason, the knowledge that no one could see what I looked like made it really easy for me to approach people and start up conversations.

I now call the costume ‘instant ego boost’. :slight_smile:

My coolest costume was essentialy me in a skeleton mask wearing black clothes…with my pet ball python crawling through the eye sockets on the mask :slight_smile: .

Most people thought it was fake, and the pretty that discovered it was real jumped out of their shoes. Good times.

My favorite costume of my wife’s was one from 14 years ago that people that were at the party still talk about. She put on a torn flapper-style thrift shop dress, stage jewelry, heavy makeup, put her hair up, then she jumped in the shower for a minute. When she got out, she draped a couple strands of fake seaweed over her shoulders and carried a plank of wood with the writing ‘RMS Titanic’ on it to the party. Hilarity ensued. :slight_smile:

Here’s last year’s (scroll to the bottom).

I’m quite proud of it.

I was going to guess that you were a neuron or something (I’m a nerd), but the first link identifies you as a sea monkey. I like the neuron idea better, but like I said, I’m a nerd.

I thought she was a new Teletubby. The SpermTubby or something. :eek:

You’re description of that movie had me in stitches. I’m going to have to check it out some day real soon.

Here’s me in a costume I had borrowed from my cousin.
Perfect picture for red eye. :wink:

Aw man, would help if I read the captions.
Oh well.

When I first made the costume’s headpiece and tried it on I showed it to PenisBull. I said “how do I look? Do I look like a seamonkey?”
He just laughed. My nickname for the evening was “The Triple Johnson Attack”.

My favorite for the ladies is a lil red devil. Or a trailer-tramp pixie.

For the guys, you can’t beat a gorilla wearing a tutu.

OMG, I about spit all over my monitor. You need to change your name!!! Or start a band and call it that.

Here’s me as Foghorn Leghorn.

Another year, the party theme was Come As Your Favorite Tabloid Story. Here’s me as the Lovechild of Bigfoot and Elvis.

Oh, Lord, that’s WONDERFUL! My brother wanted to go as Torgo one year, but never did it.

I have no idea what I’m doing this year but it must involve a sword, because my mom just got me one. My mom is cool.

Welll, my mom was less than cool about the one I’m holding in that pic.

Could it be because I walked over to her house, in full costume, snuck into the back where she was doing the laundry and scared the beejeezus out of her? :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have a scar on my ankle from my dumb-butt boyfriend (at the time) not watching how he was swinging that thing while carrying it. :rolleyes:
He was wearing the costume and I was a kender.

Here I am!

…or am I? :cool:

Interesting timing on this thread, because I just got last Halloween’s pictures back and I was thinking of posting them. I dressed up as Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop fame, and my friend Ben dressed up as…Ed. Some of the pics are pretty interesting; we took a decidedly different angle on the whole Spike/Ed interaction (and no, you pervs, I don’t mean it like that). Throw in another friend as some random murderer clad in black robes whose weapon is The Bloody Cloth, and you’ve got a photoshoot.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a scanner.

I shall return to this thread in a day or two, after I have visited with more technologically-enabled friends. Until then, keep posting; these are great!


Hey harmless, that’s your work? Beautiful drawings.
Thanks for sharing.

I just thought of another costume a friend of mine had an idea for. Don’t know if she ever did it though.
She was gonna make 2 huge red dots out of cardboard fastened together with straps that go over the shoulder (so a red dot on the front and back of the body). On the dots is written “you are here”

Even better: On the one in front, write “You are here.”

On the one in back, write “You may be here…”