Your favorite licensed toy from childhood

When my sister was young, her favorite doll was Mrs. Beasley. I always thought “that’s an odd name for a doll”. Then one day while idly flipping through channels, I realizedit was a merchandised item from the old sitcom “Family Affair”! Now it made sense. What licensed toys or other stuff do you remember absolutely loving as a child?

I had a 007 attache casewhen I was a kid that I thought was the absolute shiznit.

Had one of those, too!

I’m told I had a Davy Crockett coonskin hat, but I don’t remember it.

I do remember Mickey Mouse Club ears.

I’ve got most all the old Aurora monster and super-hero kits, does that count?

I had most of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. toy guns. Lovely stuff! Wish to heaven I still had 'em.

When I was very, very young I had a stuffed/plush Pluto (Mickey Mouse’s pet dog) toy that I slept with. Plush, with a molded plastic face. I sucked the paint right off his face. I hate to think what chemicals that paint might have contained!

I was a kid in the 80s…I feel like all of our toys were officially licensed from some cartoon or movie!

My brother had the Ewok Village. That was pretty fun (I mostly played with his toys)

Spiderman web-shooter from 77’. Essentially a suction cup dart gun that strapped to your wrist. Except it left a length of string between the dart and your wrist.

Col. Steve Austin $6,000,000 Man action figure. Had a rubber sleeve around its right arm that when rolled back revealed bionics. Also had a bionic eye you could look through.

Star Trek communicator walkie talkies.

This bad boy, the Rodan (figure? doll?) with a mighty 3’ wing span. See you in hell, army men!

I also had the Godzilla and some Shogun robot dude but Rodan was my favorite.

My first bicycle at age 10. Such freedom!

I had one of those.

Matchbox cars and trucks

For the cartoons, 99% of the time, it was the other way around.

So, I didn’t really have a favourite licenced toy as a kid, because the toymakers were the licencers, not the licencees!

I remember him. He used to date one of my Barbies.

3 3/4 GI JOE codename: Outback.

He’s the red haired bushy bearded survival expert who goes into battle with camo pants and a white tshirt.

I loved that guy. He was the star of every adventure.

Not a toy, but I had a Zorro wristwatch.

I had the A-Team M24 Assault Rifle Target Game Set, which was pretty bad-ass. It had a removable barrel extension, removable stock, removable magazine, removable telescopic sight and flash suppressor and it could fire rubber darts or grenades (along with making a “rat-a-tat” sound). Neat!

A Casper the Friendly Ghost talking doll, whence cometh my username. He always had something wrong with his recording, and instead of saying “I’m a friendly ghost,” he said something garbled that sounded to my sister and me like “I’m a freckafree.”

After a few months, he looked every bit as grubby as the one in the photo.

My Favorite Martian magic set.