Your favorite "Maneuvers"?

An odd poll…what are you favorite “maneuvers” from fiction, real life and whathaveyou? Like the realistically unusable “Picard Maneuver” from Star Trek, or the lesser-known “Bonehead Maneuver” from Babylon 5. Or even the real-life “Cobra Maneuver” or Valsalva Maneuver. ( :slight_smile: on that last one)

So, any takers?

Base Delta Zero.

Fry the entire surface of a planet, rendering the whole damn crust to melted slag, annihilating all natural resources, and burning off the atmosphere, and destroying all but the deepest-set traces of life or civilization.

The classic yawn and drop. This is practiced mainly in movie theatres but can be utilized in other theatres of operation. If successful you end up with your arm around your date’s shoulders and you are now in prime position to capture those hills.

Vulcan Death Grip.

“All your Base are Belong to Us” - Render your enemies helpless with laughter and/or disbelief while you launch all your zigs and make your time.

I was gonna reply w/ “wheelbarrel”, “doggie”, or “congress of the cows” until I realized what sort of “maneuvers” you were talking about. :slight_smile:

How about “Plan B. . . as in barricade!

Middle finger in, index finger down, thumb on the button.


The Orchestral ones in the Dark, of course.

Preparation A-G were absolute failures, but I feel that Preparation H does feel good… on the whole!


I’m all in favour of the Daedalus Maneuver.

I saw an episode of Star Trek:TNG several years ago where Wesley (Wil Wheaton’s character) was involved in some stunt attempt that resulted in a crash. The general gist of the thing was that half a dozen or so transports or something (I’m not a big Trek fan, and it was a long time ago) would fly at each other, then narrowly miss one another, fly away in a starburst pattern, releasing something that would leave a sparkly trail. It was pretty cool looking. Any Trek fans out there know what I’m talking about?

Zebra you are uncouth! The proper method can be found in The Art of Kissing by Hugh Morris, published 1936

Honestly…a yawn? You’ve gotta be a gentleman with these things!

My favorite is the Heimlich.

Lazy 8’s. Wheeeeeee!!!

Autorotations. Wheeeeeee!!!

The Riker Maneuver: Jettision warp-core, detonate. Rince, wash and repe…nevermind.

Ooh, found a link for ithere.

Curse the lack of editing posts. The Riker maneuver is actually dumping stella gases and fooling the enermy into detonating it.

Forcibly relocating a vacuum cleaner from a city in British Columbia:
The Vancouver Hoover remover maneuver.

If I were south of the border, I’d give you 25 cents for that pun. In other words…

A Guatamala quatah dollah!

Corbomite. It has to be corbomite.