Your favorite places to eat in Tokyo

I just moved to Tokyo for a three-month-long business trip to help train some new employees. I’ve been to Japan before, but haven’t specifically spent a lot of time in Tokyo, and I have an intermediate or so level ability with the language, so that usually isn’t a problem.

But I’m overwhelmed with the eating options! Since I’m on company expense, I’ve been eating dinner out every night, and usually have trouble picking where I should go. I’m living in Kita-shinagawa and working in Minato-ku near Shinagawa station, so anywhere in that area, or that is easy to reach on the Yama no Te line or Keikyu Main Line would be best for weekdays (weekends are quite a bit less bounded for time).

I figured there would be plenty of people in here that can offer up some good places to not miss while in Tokyo! Ideally I’d like to keep the per meal cost under about 4,500 Yen or $50 (I don’t drink alcohol, so this hasn’t been presenting a problem yet…)

I lived in Kawasaki for a year, but can’t say that there were any must-try restaurants there.

Really, there’s good restaurants everywhere. If you can read Japanese (at least with a dictionary) then I suggest trying out Yahoo Gourmet. Search by train station and you’ll find everything there is in the area. Here’s Shinagawa station:

Though…looking through that, I’ll admit that I don’t see a lot that looks terribly scrumptious. Yurakucho will probably be the nearest area for everything:


Here’s Kawasaki:


Well, there’s Yakinikuen

Hint hint bloody hint.

Sorry. I sometimes get carried away with these things.

Try the recommendations from this site in English: Tokyo Food Page

I have friends who contribute reviews there. Enjoy!

Hmm… I don’t get the hint… :smiley:

I may be able to make it actually… I won’t know what my work situation will be like until the time draws nearer, so I hesitate to say one way or the other.

Thanks for the links, everyone, I’ll take a perusal. I have plenty of time to explore the area, so I’m looking forward to finding some interesting places.

If you find yourself hungry and near a department store, every single one I ever entered there had a take-away food wonderland in the basement. And they all had multiple restaurants on the top floor(s).

Also, my personal rule: Plastic food in the window, plastic food on the table.

There’s a really good spaghetti place called Hashiya in Shinjuku station. Great food. Here’s a little review.

This is like my favorite bar (with food) in the world: