Your favorite sound effects as a kid!

No, my favorite and vote for all time coolest sound effect (even beating out the light saber) is the “yonk-yonk-yonk-yonk” of the Mach 5 jacks.

The best sound effects, to me, always came from The Stooges:

  • the sound of Moe pulling out one of Curley’s teeth: a low, leathery RIIIPPPPINGGG sound
  • the sound of Moe hitting Larry in the head with a crowbar: a dull metallic THOINK
  • the sound of any one of them dragging a sharp implement across another’s nose or forehead: a loud woody RAASSSSSPPPP!!! (often accompanied by flying sawdust)

That’s pretty much my “boppity-boppity” sound, too. :slight_smile:

Came in to add that one - I love it when it was the Looney Tunes puppy, untangling himself out of his own ears while being chased by Claude the Cat.

The other one I use is the one where Daffy Duck disguises himself as a champagne bottle to get in the house, and when the butler takes the bottle, corkscrews off Daffy’s hat, and then lifts the bottle to pour the champagne, Daffy says:

I tend to say that while pouring stuff, even now.

Kind of a glass-armonica sound they used to play during creepy moments in DiC’s Dennis the Menace cartoon in the 80s (I’ve got a wav file of it around here, somewhere). Somewhat similar to the sound effects/background music you hear in the background during the Joker’s conversation with the cremated mobster in the 1989 Batman movie. I’ve heard it used in two other movies since then—one of them was Bride of Reanimator.