Your favorite sound effects as a kid!

I remember regularly imitating these sound effects:

[ul][li]peerown(say it real fast) - the sound of a bullet ricochet/other fast things[/li]Usage - “The pit bull down the street got loose and I was like peerown.”
[li]buuuud-unh - revving/changing gears on a motorcycle[/li][li] all of the Six Million Dollar Man sound effects [/li][list] [li] do do do… - the eye[/li][li] buh nuh nuh … - jumping[/li][li] erh erh erh… - strength[/ul] [/list][/li]
What about you? (approximate spellings if possible)

The sound of the Tardis on the original Dr. Who series.

The “loser/high bid” sound on “The Price Is Right”. Do they still use that?

Enomaj, I remember all of your sounds. It’s Not Rocket Surgery, I remember game show buzzer, you lose, too. “Ehhhh! Wrong answer!”

Enomaj, we also used ‘pyooon’ in a highpitched voice for the ‘I was out like a shot’ sound effect.

If we talked about someone punching someone else a lot in a fight, we said ‘bing’. “Man! That nigga was like, bing, bing bing!”

Also, we said ‘boom’ to emphazise a point, “So, boom, I was like I already paid you!”

We said ‘tch’ or ‘tsk’ by sucking our teeth and rolling our eyes when we wanted to show attitude.

We said ‘bomp bomp!’ when we wanted to sound like a car horn.

We said “ooh ahh ooh ahh” when we wanted to simulate the sounds of sex. Also, sharp intakes of breath through our teeth, then, ahhh. No clue why we thought that was the sound people made having sex!; ‘sssch ahh, sssch ahh’. Imagine my surprise when I first stumbled upon porn and realized that it doesn’t sound at all like ‘ooh ahh’.

We rolled our rs very loudly to make a machine gun sound.

Of course, we beat boxed so that we can rap over a beat.

Nowadays, when talking about cooking with my best friend, I use sizzling effects, “Then you add the onions, like Chshhhhhh!”

The arrow in flight and sticking up in some solid piece of wood, “whiiiiihh-ti-kaahh SKOON!”

There’s a little musical bit that’s almost a sound effect the way we used it. You’ve heard it countless times. It’s that “Dahnn-dahn-dahnna-Dahn” thing when the shitload of Indians appears on the cliffs above, or when the bad guy (usually another Indian) comes out from hiding with malice in his heart, or when the camera pans slowly across a desolate portion of prairie or desert or mountainside and suddenly discloses another shitload of Indians.

Tarzan yell.

Horse whinny.

Coyote or wolf howl.

That kookaburra or monkey in the jungle.


How much time you got here?

I remember this! It’s amazing how this stuff traveled before the internet. The sharp intake between the teeth reminded me of the sound you make when you’re pulling a band-aid off before the owwie is totally healed. Sound like slssss.

Perfectly explained.

From Star Wars: Darth Vader’s breathing (hooo-kshhhh, hooo-kshhhh), lightsabers (vrunn-vrunn-vrunn), TIE fighters (ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAR), and Chewie (a different ROOOOOOAAAAAR :smiley: ).

There’s a sound effect that was used on a number of cartoons, particularly the “Peanuts” cartoons, such as when Snoopy would grab Linus’s blanket (with Linus hanging on), and swing it around…it’s sort of a “boppity-boppity-boppity-boppity”. I learned how to do that sound, as an adult, much to the amusement of my nieces and nephew (though I have to shake my head rapidly back and forth to do it, and I get a headache after a few seconds…)

The heavy laser blast used in 80s cartoons (especially Marvel cartoons) and in Star Control 1.

It sounds like like there’s a brief absorbtion of energy like -whher- and then a thick -poomb- and then an echo-y -m-m-m-m-m.

Cylon eye “Wooon-wooon! Wooon-wooon!”
Colonial Viper launch “PSHEWWWWWW-chikka-chikka-chikka-chikka”

Someone else covered the Six-Million Dollar Man sound effects, which were the awesomest until Star Wars came out.

That reminds me of two more: The Transformers transforming (chik-chik-CHOOK-CHOOK-CHIK!) sound and Megatron’s fusion cannon blast (text cannot possibly convey it). Classics!

This is what I imagine was running through Don Martin’s head 24/7.

And of course the karate and kung foo sounds you made when chopping and kicking the air. I’m not going to try to spell it. This thread has worn me out for trying to spell the unspellable.

Wild Eep.

Mainly because I pictured the name as some sort of crazy animal, usually a flightless bird, with a British narrator doing a nature show involving it.

“Watch the strange mating ritual of the Wild Eep.”

Looney Tunes had this one sound effect for when a character had to “shake it off” - usually after getting hurt, they’d rapidly shake their head and then they were OK. I still find myself saying that (to myself) after trying to shake off getting hit by a baseball or something.

Best I can approximate it in text is “EYE-ih-ih EYE-ih-ih-EYE”

As far as I know, they do. I used it myself on Saturday night using my phone when I was playing some board games with friends. A fun time was had by all.

My favorite sounds when I was a kid …

The Star Wars Laser sound
The hum of a lightsaber
Indiana Jones punches that sound like a mix of a whip-crack and a mack truck hitting a cement wall

The “wah wah wah” sound of failure.

Found it.

That foghorn “WEEEE-UHHHHHH” you’d hear whenever something was supposed to smell bad (always coupled with a green cloud floating by). I loved that one.

According to TVTropes (Warning! Link to TVTropes!), that originated in 1930’s Lifebuoy soap radio ads.