TV Trivia Game- Little help

I mentioned in another thread that I’m putting together a TV & Movies trivia event.

One category I’d like to do under TV is a ‘guess the show from the sound effect’. I’ve managed to grab enough for a 10 question movie version, but I’m struggling a bit with TV.

Examples I have already:
Battlestar Galatica (original) - Cylon eye swish
Star Trek - Communicator beep (or transporter maybe)
Stargate - the gate activating (or maybe a Zat firing)
Law & Order - the Double ‘sting’

Anyone want to help with a few more suggestions? I’d particularly like some non-Sci Fi ones if anyone can come up with any. The sound effect needs to be something tied to a specific TV show, and I need sound effects not music - that’s a separate category. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Brady Bunch “hex” sound. It probably has an actual name. The one they played when the cursed tiki idol was shown.

Bewitched nose twitch noise

Flintstones - wind-up when they started the car moving. I think commonly referred to as the Flint-step.

Roadrunner Meep Meep

I Dream of Jeannie sound when she blinks her eyes to do magic

Jetsons flying car.

The sounds of the bats at the beginning of the show as well as Scooby’s laugh. (Both heard in this video.)

There’s also a sound they play during scene changes, but I can’t find it. It was a kind of “bell” that you could bend to change the pitch. I’ve seen one (one it might not be unique enough to Scooby-Doo) but I can’t find an example. Probably because I can’t describe it well enough to do a worthwhile search.

The incorrect version of the Bugs Bunny piano riff that will blow up the piano if played correctly. YouTube Ballot Box Bugs.

Either the doorbell or buzzer from Whose Line is it Anyway?. If music is allowed, the “Hoedown” song.

The Batman stinger (see “Batman music accent” here)

The Price Is Right “loser” sound

The Lost “smoke monster” sound and/or the sound they play when they show the show’s title (akin to Law & Order’s “thud”)

The Whammie tone from Press your Luck

The Three’s Company doorbell

The ringtones for the CTU office phones on 24

The phones on Homicide (though this may be too generic).

The sound Twiki made on Buck Rodgers

The doorbellfrom the Addams Family. Or the gong that summoned Lurch (or Lurch himself).

The whooooosh scene shifter from Big Bang Theory.

The trolley on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

The “Seinfeld” bass lick.

The crowd at Cheers shouting “Norm!”

The TARDIS de-materializing.

Charlie Townshend saying “Good morning, Angels!”

Some random character saying “That girl!”

A gong from “the Gong Show.”

The explosion sound effect when Diana Prince spun around into Wonder Woman.


Or any adult on CB…

That’s what I came to post…

Que Don Adams, “Missed it by that much”…ques sound of pneumatic doors opening and closing…9 times.

The Batmobile whoosh from the 1966 Batman

Seaview sonar noise from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Transporters from Star Trek

Communicator chirp from Star Trek.

Star trek has a lot of good sounds
Tape self destructing on Mission Impossible

No-one has yet caome up with the sound of the Tardis disappearing in Dr Who. For shame.

Someone posted without reading the thread? For shame.

The bionic (wo)man bionic sound effect .

“Lost in Space” had several good ones:

The “bip!” sound when someone magically appeared or disappeared.
The “duh-duh-duuuuuuuuhhhh” that ended the cliffhanger episodes (lead in to next week’s).
And this cute little pinging language that the robot used when he was speaking to another robot.