Your Favorite Sound Effects

For me its the sound that the animated Flash makes when he runs. Honorable Mentions:

-Megaman X: The sound of your shot charging.
-FullMetal Alchemst: The clap become Ed transmutes something.
-Looney Tunes: The falling sound.

Great post. Easy answer:

  • Daffy Duck, posing as a bottle of champagne being poured, saying “goigle, goigle, goigle, goigle”
  • Any Looney Tunes character shaking their head and we hear “yadayadayadayada”


I never even thought of this! Cool topic.

I like the “schwing! schwing!” of Wolverine’s blades when they come out of his hand quickly. As a matter of fact, I like any sound of metal scraping against a sheath, when a sword is being drawn.

I like the noise of Nightcrawler’s teleportation. bamf

Hmm…Any deep hollow sound of a large projectile being fired. Boof Such as a cannon. The larger the caliber the better.

If I think of more, I’ll be back.

The sound an Autobot or Decepticon makes when he Transforms.

I’ve always been a big fan of the celery-crunching sound of a broken bone. Which probably says a lot about me that I’d rather not delve into. :slight_smile:

Shattering glass.

I like the old-school radio sound effect of a car coming to a quick stop or going into a hard turn.

Rrrrrr-rrrrr-rrrrrr… Made with a little hand-operated drum with a vulcanized loop of fabric over it that could be pulled tight. Cool.

I also love the sound of a TIE fighter flyby. Truck wheels on a wet highway combined with a rattlesnake. What could be more appropriate?

Yeah, I like of the SW ones, as well; though probably because they are SW.

I have been known to bolt up it my seat at the theater, pointing, and saying “Wilhelm!”

Snikt. Not scwhing.

I like the SFX they use in Psycho for the stabbing sound in the shower scene.

IIRC it is a knife going into casaba mellons.

The “something disappearing” sound from Lost in Space.

The Enterprise’s phasers and general bridge sounds in TOS.

A light saber being swung.

Star Trek photon torpedoes/Dragon’s Lair’s directional hint flash

Here’s another vote for the sound of broken glass. I try to avoid store displays for this reason because I’m always very tempted into tipping one of them over.

You say.

I’m not a fangirl. I’ll call it whatever I like! :slight_smile:

Whenever someone in a movie/TV show tosses something offscreen and you hear that cat yowl and scamper off.

Excellent :smiley:

And some of the ships from the new Star Wars trilogy too, I’ve noticed a kind of off beat warble almost from ships like Amidala’s cruiser appearing overhead at the start of Clone Wars.

I’m a sucker for an air raid siren or any of those klaxon type alarms the Nazi’s invariably include in their bases in films.

I love the sound the soldiers make when they die in C&C. Especially when I noticed it crop up in some of the re-inactment scenes in the BBC series Battleground Britain :smiley:

The sound a Firefly-class transport makes in deep space.

Michael Winslow. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the sounds of the Millenium Falcon and X-wing engines

That particular variety of blaster sound; a very high-pitched and malevolent “chirp” sound. In Sith, the huge star destroyer side cannons make it, and the AT-ST’s use the same sound in Jedi.

The sound of the rocket launcher in the original DOOM.

Likewise with the Plasma Rifle.

An AK-47

The electrical crackling sound of a crippled or mortally injured mobile suit in Gundam

The sound of a mobile suit activating in Gundam, or turning around quickly. They use it a lot, but these are the two instances that stand out (and no, I’m not talking about that godawful RATCHET sound they inserted into the dub of 0079).

The sound of the Windscar from Inuyasha.

The respective sounds of a building being razed in Warcraft and C&C: Red Alert.

The generic sound they use for a parry in a katana duel.

Jet engine flybys.

Man, I could go on for hours. Just about anything from anime, Star Wars, Star Trek, or the more famous PC games I could recognize. Memories, man.

Godzilla’s ROAR!