What is yur favorite sound?

Not a piece of music but just a sound.
Is is the wind in the long leaf pines or your baby laughing? Or is somthing strange?
I love the sound in cartoons when an object hits the water. That nice PLUNK when Bugs throws Elmer’s gun in the pond.
What is your favorite sound?

The THX swell. Coolest sound ever.

Rain on the window; cosiest sound in the world. Or in summer with the windows open, just hearing it pattering down.

That weird hush during a really heavy snowfall, when you can hear the snow crunching and squeaking under you boots.

My dog’s happy mumble/yodel sound.

Train whistles and boat whistles, especially at night. In summer I love hearing the whistles of the boats navigating down the Mississippi.


rain on the ground and leaves, with thunder in the not-too-distant distance.

the sound my cat makes when I wake her up.

the sound my other cat makes when he wants treats.

i love the crunch autumn leaves make when i stomp on them. it’s the most delicious sound.

My absolute favorite sound would HAVE to be the purring of a well-tuned motorcycle engine. The deep throbbing of Harleys or the high-pitched whine of a revving dirt bike. The make my heart skip a beat.

No question:

Waves washing up an otherwise quiet beach. That’s really nice.

'Course, you gotta be at the beach at 7am to get it that quiet… grumble

One hand clapping…

No, really, the coolest sound ever is Curley’s “Whoob-whoob-whoob, rrrr-rrrr-rrrr”. Makes me laugh everytime, even in reference.

Favorite non-music sound? Call me crazy, but in the game Duke Nukem 2, there is a laser gun that make the COOLEST SOUND. I’ll get the laser gun and then just shoot it into the air just so that I can hear the sound effect. I don’t know why, but the sound is just really cool. There’s another cool laser sound on one of the enemy lasers, on a level (E1M7) that I’ll sometimes play just so I can hear the cool music (I’m nuts, aren’t I?)

Breaking glass.

I like the sound the TARDIS makes when it’s getting ready to go.

I like the sound that swords make when they clash in a piece of anime.

I like the sound that TIE fighters make.

  • my baby laughing
  • thunder echoing through the mountains
  • the Warner Bros’. (old) cartoon “puuung!” (used instead of “pop!”)
  • walking through crunchy snow (“like ants chewing on wax” I think is how Tom Robbins described it)
  • and, yeah, ocean waves

I’m not a golf fanatic by any means. In fact, I only play once or twice a year, but I love the clanking sounds of a golf bag full of clubs being picked up or put down.

I’m almost forgot. Now that I’m 30, sometimes the sound of silence just cant be beat.

The DING in Everquest. When you gain a level in the game Everquest it plays a bell-like sound which everyone calls the DING.

My little guy also make a soft, trilling noise when he’s happy and wants to talk. we had to take him to the ER during the night, because he came down with a raging fever from an ear infection. He’s feeling a little better now; I was delighted that he felt like “talking” right before his nap.:slight_smile:
Another sound that I love is the absence of traffic right after a heavy snowfall, before the plow gets to our street. I enjoy getting out for a walk in the pristine silence.

I just love the sound of a rusty shopping cart, especially that squeak the ones you lower make.

But I also love a cat’s purr, it is such a happy sound.

My favourite sound is the sound of a cello. It resonates deep within my bones.
Another favourite is the sound of the furnace blowing hot air in the middle of the night. For me, that is the most secure, drowsy sound of all.

2 things:
racinchikki’s voice :slight_smile:

Big, carburetted V8 engine startup…r r r **WHOOMchugchugchug**…

Any noises my wife makes when we are making love that makes me think I am doing something right.

Women if you love your man, make noise even if you have to fake it. :smiley: