Some of your favorite sounds

I really like it when jet engines emit a dull, comforting roar. Not a high-pitched shriek, though, that’s painful.

Also, French horns. And the sound of a really huge crowd cheering or applauding. And thunder, too.

What about you guys?

I’ve always liked the little fanfare that plays when you find something cool in the old Zelda game.

Cat purring, too.

The little cooing noises a tiny baby makes.

The sound of a long, steady rainfall (especially when I’m falling to sleep)

That great big belly laugh that little kids do when something really tickles them

Before they outlawed train whistles in the city, I used to love to hear a far away train whistle

and, of course, the sound of bubble wrap popping!

I love the subdued back-of-the-throat growling a dog makes when he’s playing tug-of-war. Makes me wanna growl, too. Sometimes I do.

The dissonance of a Major-7th chord makes something hum in the back of my sinuses.

The crack of a high powered rifle in the forest on a cold morning or the crackle of a campfire. One of the two is my favorite but its a coin flip just which.

A Pete Townshend power chord.

The dawn chorus.

There’s a hedge alongside my driveway that attracts hundreds of little brown birds, throughout the year. I can hear them right now.

My attic is unfinished; the ceiling is the underside of the roof. It’s amazing to be up there during a thunder storm or a hail storm.

The many waterfalls along the Road to Hana, on Maui.

Franz Lehár’s Dein ist mein ganzes Herz.

My partner, breathing in his sleep.

My cats purring.

The sound of a someone sweeping off their front walk or driveway with a regular wicker broom. Add some birds chirping and a few dogs barking in the background.

Why? Because that always reminds me of small town life in Brazil.

ETA: I forgot to add one of the best sounds: children playing outside

Happy, playful, yelping dogs. Especially if it involves being reunited with an owner after a long absence.

Pretty well covered…

[li]A fireplace with real logs in, crackling. [/li]
[li]The cats purring. [/li]
[li]The weird grrrrrrr they make when we play tug of war (yup, some cats do it). [/li]
[li]Baby cooing and noises of delighted surprise. I’m a curmudgeon and can’t not grin at those.[/li][/ul]

Also, the sound of the coffeemaker. Sure, the smell is best, but I like the sound as well. COFFEE IS COMING!

Jangly guitar music a la old REM.

Um…there’s more that I’ll think of soon enough.

^ You don’t sound all that grumpy to me. :cool:

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Sandhill Cranes



Red Tailed Hawk

Oh man, you just reminded me of the old percolator coffee makers. When I was a kid we spent time at my dad’s aunt’s cottage in Michigan, and the sound of that percolator bubbling to life in the morning (along with the smell) was magical.

And yes, I drank coffee as a kid. I’ve enjoyed it as long as I can remember.

Other than the obvious (Kesha songs), one of my favorite sounds is listening to melting snow trickling into the storm sewers. I hate winter.

doves cooing…

the sound of distant thunder…

the little smacking sounds my dogs make when they’re snuggling with me and happy…

belly laughs from a baby…

We have a sliding glass door in the bedroom, and often sleep with it open during the summer months. Periodically throughout the evening we can hear the sound of a train in the distance. It’s quite a comfortable noise…

I live in a condo in Boston. One of my favorite sounds is waking up to hear someone else shoveling my walk. Then I turn over and go back to sleep. Lovely.

The crackle of a police / fire scanner
The clicking of a camera
ALL of the sounds of the Chesapeake Bay
The lap-lap-lap of tiny waves against the hull of my dad’s Boston Whaler as I swim around it
The vrrrrt vrrrrt of cars crossing the metal grate on the drawbridge above me as I drift the boat below, fishing
Starting the outboard
Osprey, great blue heron, redwing blackbirds
The low dead hush of a heavy snow in the city, drowning all other sounds
Thunder, close or distant

My son or daughter asking “Dad, may I…?” Yes, yes you may.

We vacation in Maine, in a house on a bay.

Among other things, I hear the sounds of the lobstermen who live next door. Some mornings the fog makes the sound of the engine starting up seem extra-loud.

I also hear the little sounds of the bay – people rowing out to their anchored boats, kayakers talking, ducks and loons. At night, you hear the water lapping against the dock pilings.
Leaffan – I also drank coffee as a kid. Don’t tell Child Welfare! (Some busybody at the church we attended when I was a teenager told me that coffee would stunt my growth. I was 5’6" and 13 years old.)

burpo the wonder mutt – today, I’m fair to partly grumpy. :smiley:

Y’all covered most of my favorite sounds,but horses grinding grain/hay,That soft moo momcow makes to her calf… My cat making her weird little Murps and perrrrts and Murrts. I miss the old steam train whistle and the solid thunk of the old steel car door closing