Noises you like

Is there any particular sound that you really like, but others would call “noise?” (not music!) I like the sound of shoes on hard surface. I’m not sure why, but there’s something comforting to me in that sound.

Thunder. I love the sound of thunder.

Falling water- like over a waterfall, in a fountain, out of a faucet, etc.

Also, the sound of a fan. AAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh… :cool:

My chipper-shreader at full grind. I feed it branches, leafs, small shovel fulls of sub-soil. It then returns to me a rich brown sweet smelling garden dirt. The machine is loud in and of itsself, add some branches, or a large bucket of clam shells, then it just screams. I love it.

I kinda like traffic noise. Not beeping and screeching, just the swish of tires on pavement off in the distance.

And the God-awful racket of crickets and treefrogs in the backyard of the house I grew up in was cool, too.

The sound of my boyfriend’s voice, especially when he’s speaking to me, and only me, and his voice is all low…that makes me shiver. In a good way.

shivers and smiles I really like that.

Not sure about the others… But I have always been fond of a babies laugh…Actually laughter period but especially that of a small child!

waves crashing on sand and rocks

tent zippers over a crackling campfire

the “thotk” of a wine bottle opening

an MG at idle speed… maybe just a zing on the gas to remember that it gets even better when you drive it

(childhood) the sound of one of those Pilsbury tubes being busted open with crescent rolls in it

Mrs. Pessor giggling like a twelve year old whenever she amuses herself

I like thunder too, Arden!

I like the sound that dishes make when they crash together and the sound that occurs when you slap skin.

unf unf unf

Awwwwwwwww yeah


Ahhhhh that sweet sweet ding sound… its been so long, maybe i should go load Everquest

The sound the wind makes in fall. I don’t know why autumn wind is different, but it is.

I consider this a pretty dumb topic, so I’m going to say something along the lines of… the sound of poop as it’s coming out…

The sigh of a sleepy girl I’m cuddling with.

Water, any kind.

Sound of a big rock falling onto something rocklike (big = 3 times a fist).

Chirps of crickets.

Crackling fire.

Sound of scissors cutting construction paper a la kid’s craft shows.

I think I’ve said this before, but my favorite (non-human-made) sound (;)) in the whole world involves ice. You know how puddles freeze in the winter (for those of you down south [not Australia], winter is when it gets really cold; you know, the opposite of hot. Maybe you’d better just stick your head in the freezer to get what I mean), and sometimes, if the freeze happens fast enough, there are little pockets of air underneath the frozen skin of ice? Well, the noise that happens when you step on them. No liquid water left, just solid ice and air. Kind of a cross between a squeak and a crunch. I’ll go several yards out of my way to step on a puddle like that. Bliss!

Actually, ‘like’ isn’t strong enough a word.

The sound of thunder (also drums) awakens something almost primal in me.

In a thunderstorm, I become an animal. :wink:

I like the creak of wood. Leather, too. I detour all the way around the parking lot on the way to the grocery store just so I can walk across the plywood walkway they’ve set up while remodelling. I’d love to go sailing on a wooden ship someday.

Dry clutch and Desmo valves :smiley:

Air Conditioners/Heaters/Fans.
Heck, any “white noise”.
The sound of ice crystals forming when I stick my head in the freezer (or maybe that’s just the sound of my brain freezing…?).
What Dragonblink said.


Ahhhhh that sweet sweet ding sound… its been so long, maybe i should go load Everquest"
lol I have my pc hooked up to my stereo, you shoulda seen me jump the first time I dinged. theres alotta bass in that there sound file let me tell ya.