Your favorite type of crab? [to eat]

List compiled from this site.

I have a feeling this is going to mostly come down to where you live.

Having lived in Maryland my whole life, I’d be a heretic to pick anything besides Blue crab.

Blue crab here, too. And not crab cakes or crab meat (although I do enjoy those), but a table piled high with steamed blues, covered in Old Bay goodness, with an endless supply of Natty Bohs to wash them down!

Oh. And I have no idea what a “Blue Swimmer” is.

Why is there not an option for “all of the above”? I have not had all of them, but I have never come across a crab I didn’t like.

Interestingly it didn’t occur to me to include that option. For some reason I assumed everyone had a particular favorite.

Having grown up in Baltimore, of course blue crabs top my list, but I love me some snowcrab, too.

I’m the lone stoner. :slight_smile:

I really only like crab in cake form. I guess specific type of crab isn’t really important.

I am guilty of posting by proxy. I don’t like shellfish at all, and this includes crab, but my husband loves snow crab enough for any two people. So I voted for snow crab.

He’ll eat other kinds of crab, mind you. But he loves snow crab with a fierce and burning passion. If I feel like treating him, I’ll get him a couple of snow crab clusters from the fish counter…and get some of that Krab stuff for the cats, or whatever’s cheap, so he can eat his crab in peace.

I’m sitting at the same table as these three. Blue crabs, every time.

Its been awhile, but blue crab FTW.

I remember living in Northern Virginia in the early 1990’s and going to a place where they served up buckets of steamed blue crab (seasoned with Old Bay), and they had newspapers over all the tables and everyone was issued a wooden mallet to hammer away at the crafty crustaceans and pound them into submission.

This was of course washed down with pitchers of cheap beer while we watched the (then new) Simpsons episodes on a big screen TV.

I wish I could remember more.

We just had a supper of king crab, flown in from Kodiak Ak. and it was to die for. Such large legs, full of sweet, tender meat. I like them far better than lobster, and I love lobster.

It was nice to know that I was eating crab caught during the new season of Deadliest Catch.

Blue Crabs. I love them so much I often bitch that my alma mater’s mascot is the terrapin and not the crab.

Mmmm I cannot wait for summer crabs - outside, a sheet of paper across the table, old bay stinging cuts you didn’t even know you had…

Dungeness. Pulled out of the bay, lightly killed, cleaned, and boiled in salted water for 11 minutes.

I don’t care for red rock crabs. They have an attitude. And then when you cook them, their shells are harder to get into than Dungeness and there’s not as much meat.

Dungeness, steamed with a lot of hot sauce added to the steam water.

I just had crab the other night!
Sri Lankan crab cooked in a pepper sauce. Locally called pepper crab. Fantastic!
They also have chili crab, another local favorite cooked with the same Sri Lankan crab.
If you’re ever in Singapore, pepper crab and/or chili crab is a must try.

No love for the Chinese mitten crab?

I don’t care for it myself; I voted for Dungeness (although there are many types listed that I haven’t tried).

I like dungy for the sweetness and king for the ease of removal. I just try not to think about what they eat.

It all sounds great, but unfortunately I’m currently on a low-crab diet.

A lot of people avoid getting crabs.