Your favorite villains

You want a slimy, abusive father, the top of the list is Donald Crisp in Broken Blossoms, 1919. He played very proper gentlemen in talkies mostly, after that, but he was over the top in Broken Blossoms, abusing Lillian Gish, provoking the famous “closet scene,” that Gish did in one take.

He was a pretty awful villain. Absolutely nothing redeemable about him whatsoever. It was all pre-Code, when you could get away with things that would be banned in the 30s and 40s-- there was a presumption that mainly adults, and certainly no young children, went to the movies, in the silent era, since you had to read fairly well to follow them, so there was a sort of “natural Code.”

I think Kris Kritofferson was epicly malevolent in “lone star” as the shitbag sherrif Charlie Wade. He just oozes bastardness.

I just finished reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke, and I want to add The Man with Thistledown Hair to this list.