Your favorite year

1969 was a wonderful year, my favorite year.

In those twelve months, I started high school, met my friends of the next thirty years, went to my first rock “fesitval”, started doing drugs, had, how I shall I put this, my first intimate contact with a girl, saw Midnight Cowboy, If, and Satyricon, saw 'Man" walk on the Moon, got kicked out of summer camp for doing drugs, got my first real job, read the Foundation Trilogy, 1984, and Brave New World, participated in my first protest march, grew my hair long, discovered mathematics and Electric Ladyland, drove my dad’s T-Bird (without a license!), and stopped doing drugs (Dec. 31st).

A lifetime in a year.

What’s your favorite year?

1970-1971, when I was eight.

It really was the best year of my life, seriously. Playing in the woods, doing well in school (for the last time, honestly), racing my Matchbox cars, making slingshots, plus Barbies, plus many more of my relatives were alive, plus summers at my aunt’s farm and our own summer place (no sleepaway camp yet). Yeah, that was great. Mind you, I certainly don’t mean to imply that the rest of my life hasn’t been decent too, but that was the best year, for sure!!

1995-1996. Eighth grade, I had the best friends that I’ve ever had, I was finally overcoming my shyness and was very outgoing with these friends. I could make everyone laugh, I could tell people enjoyed being around me. I remember feeling old, I was finally a little more independent, but I was still a kid. I didn’t have to get a job, I spent the summer at my friend’s house swimming and drinking kool-aid. It was probably the first time in my life I ever felt confident and even kind of cute, after always feeling so ugly when I was little.

I remember one spring day after school, my friends and I walked uptown and got ice cream and played in a toy shop, and I remember how fun that day was. It was warm, the air smelled good, school was almost out, and I had such good friends, it was wonderful.

I’d go with 1992 - the second half of my first year at college and the first half of my sophomore year.

I was finally in a place where I wasn’t my brothers’ little sister - I was figuring out who I was, and that was a great time.
Now…I’ve had to figure it out again a couple of times since then, but that’s ok too. :slight_smile:

  1. The kids were gone for two weeks, the wife and I were on vacation and justing goofing for those same two weeks, we had some intense quality time, visited friends, and actually stopped thinking in terms of ourselves and each other as "mom and “dad” first. Now if we can just live long enough to see the kids all moved out of the house!
  1. I was married that year. Nine months later he had a son. Nine months alonne with no kids…never happened again.
  1. I was in the best classes of my entire school year with people I could actually stand for the spring semester, graduated from high school in May, spent the summer writing my first book, started college at the end of August, became best friends with a long-time acquaitence, and had a few awesome classes in the fall. It all went downhill in 2002, though, which is why I love 2001.
  1. Actually November 6-11, 1984. I sold my novel and my wife gave birth to our daughter.
  1. Even though I broke up with my girlfriend of three years, I spent an amazing two months, with nothing at home holding me down, backpacking across Europe. I gained an amazing amount of confidence and self-esteem while travelling, met some incredible people who have become close, intimate friends, and now have enough stories to last me until I turn 75.

In the fall, I accepted my first professional job as a columnist, working for the most accomodating and patient editor I could’ve imagined. I also had my writings published for the first time in a local literature journal. And, to top off an excellent year, my mom was declared cancer-free in December.

Nov.1938-Oct.1939 didn’t have a care in the world. Everybody feed me, bathed me and said things like “Goo goo” and tickled my chin.

Next favorite 2003 and next year it will be 2004.

[ul]:frowning: [sup]Did not care for 1970[/sup][/ul]

  1. I spent a marvelous year in Minnesota, married to a guy I was so in love with. I was happier than I had ever been in my life, and probably ever would be.

Sometimes life is an illusion that reality will eventually shatter.


I spent December-January interstate – probably the best (southern hemisphere) summer of my life. Met some great people; saw some incredible sights; slept around; and took home memories that’ll last forever.

The rest of the year, I turned 22; developed rock-solid confidence; cemented the friendships that’ll last me for life; got some closure on my family situation; really started to appreciate the way I look; and I finished law school.

2003 is looking even better, so far. :slight_smile:

Ahhhh I can’t wait until I’m old enough to experience that stuff :slight_smile:

For me it’d be 1987, sophmore year of high school. Fondly remembered mainly due to Janet Lewis. She was a senior, and while we never hooked up or anything (heck it was a loooong time before I hooked up with anyone), she flirted with me in public all year and made me feel like a big man in front of my friends. Plus I got my first and favorite car, a '64 Chevy Impala that had been unmarred by hydraulics and tint and giant speakers. It was beautiful just the way it was.

1990 - I turned 25, and had tons of friends, a great paying job that wasn’t quite overtaking my life quite yet, and 3 boyfriends that were all great guys and fun to party with. We went out to clubs about 3 times a week, and at my birthday party that year my friends hired a stripper!! We just had so much fun, most of it spontaneous…that was the best part. My married friends were all jealous because I was the “party girl” of the group.

I’m definitely happy where I am now, great husband, great place to live, etc, but it’s fun to look back on those times.

My favorite year is always next year.