Your favourite local/regional/ethnic foodstuffs

Whaddaya want?

I make my own perogies. Dozens at a time, and freeze them. Generally I throw everything into them - potato, cheese, onion, bacon. Cabbage rolls are another favourite of mine. And I love to make lasagne, so I can eat it!

I love Thai, Mexican, Szechuan, Korean foods. And of course we all have our favourites from growing up - my mom’s family is Icelandic and I grew up eating Venar Terta every Christmas, and make it myself now. Noboby else likes it, though. The true test of whether a man will fit into my life is if he likes it.

Kinsey nailed it, 1st response. Blue crabs, steamed in beer with tons of Old Bay seasoning. ( if you wash your crabs off, you’re a wuss). Fresh Silver Queen corn, dripping in butter. Fresh oysters, shucked 2 seconds before you slurp them, right outta the bay. Maryland fried chicken. Gallons of beer ( Natty Boh or Natty Pre before Carling ruined them, Clipper City or Oxford Class now) Pick 'em, eat em, slurp 'em, nibble the corn, crunch down on the chicken. The gastronomical equivelent of the orgasm.

Go west, young chikki, go west!!

The history of the Beef on Weck (and another recipie)

Salt Potatoes, the staple of any clambake (and yes, the company has a funny name).

And another way to burn your mouth, if you didn’t already on the salt potatoes.

The Half-Moon Cookies (aka Black and Whites) can also be made with a Chocolate Cookie version!

And I am so glad I did not have to look up Spiedies again.

And don’t let me get started on the Finger Lakes Wine Country and do-it-yourself tours.

Added bonus:
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I love a lot of ethnic food, but when compiling my list I realized something.

Isn’t ALL food ethnic food? :smiley:

— G. Raven

p.s. ok, so somebody may have mentioned this before in the thread. I’m drunk, lazy, and I didn’t read the whole thread. Sue me :slight_smile:

Wash off crabs?!? Are you nuts? (Yes, I know some people do. They should be shot. :wink: ) Do you eat the mustard? And the guts? I like the mustard, but not the guts.

Mmmmm, oysters. And they’re not in season yet. Darn.
How about some mussels? Are they in season?
We go to a place called Loonies, in Canton, and get a huge bowl of steamed mussels for $5. Lots of garlic butter for dipping. Yum.
The Silver Queen corn, purchased from a kid in a farm truck on the side of the road…that’s the best. And fresh-off-the-vine Beefsteak tomatoes. Nothing like 'em.
And if the kid in the farm truck also has some homemade jam, buy it. Trust me, it will be delicious.

Ha ha ha ha ha

You’re preaching to the choir. And I have eaten the mustard, but usually don’t. Personal taste.
Hey, look, everybody, the Baltimorons are hijacking the thread!

Boiled Peanuts. Some people like them to still be firm but I like them to be boiled a little bit longer so the shell fills up with salty brine. Crack the shell, suck out the brine, then split it open and eat the peanuts. Best enjoyed with a frosty malted beverage while seated behind the first base dugout at Turner Field.


Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

And cooking brats is simplicity itself:

  1. Boils brats in beer (or a mixture of beer and water if’n you don’t want to waste too much beer) on the stovetop for about 10 minutes.
  2. Drain 'em.
  3. Cook the brats on a grill, turning frequently so they acheive a dark golden-brown color all over. I prefer a charocal grill but you can use a gass grill if you are one of those types of people (by this I mean the type of person who could afford to shell out a couple hundred bucks for a gas grill).
  4. Eat brats on brat buns (not hot dog buns–they are too small) with the topping of your choice. I prefer Mustard, relish, and onions.

Consume several with beer, potato salad, and baked beans. It helps the experience to have a Packer or Brewer game on during all stages of preparation and consumption.

I’ve found that Philadelphia makes the best sticky buns in the country. Here’s a recipe for them, but its not my recipe so I don’t know how close they come to the real thing. I personally like them best without any extras, but most people I know get them with raisins and walnuts.

Also, living in North Jersey, I have to say that I like the pizza made here a little better than the stuff in New York. But that’s probably just me.

Pennsylvania German here, so LEBANON BOLOGNA!!! We moved to New England so my aunt and uncle stock up on LB and wursts to bring to us–soul food.

Dried Corn (although Cope’s has changed their recipe)
Shoo-fly pie
Chicken and dumplings
Tom Sturgis hard pretzels (not a favorite so much as a nostalgia trip)