Your favourite PC games of all time?

Monkey Island
Quest for Glory 2, Trial by Fire
Gabriel Knight, Sins of the Fathers
The Sims
You Don’t Know Jack
The Incredible Machine
Warcraft 2


Infocom (yes, it’s a company, but any of their games will do)
Civilization (I and II)
Ultima IV
Adventure Construction Set
Sim City
Transport Tycoon
Black & White (too new to know for sure, but could make the list)

M.U.L.E. was one of the best games ever check out someone
has made a starcraft mission that plays like M.U.L.E.

Let’s see…I’ve always been partial to the **Ultima[/] series, including the offshoot series The Worlds of Ultima.

All the Wing Commander series
Freespace 2
X-wing and Tie Fighter
Rebellion (I know it was boring, but it was a great thinking game)
Warcraft, Warcraft 2, Starcraft, and Brood War
Diable and Diablo 2
All the Command and Conquer games

Another older game I absolutely loved was Cyberia, as well as Slipstream 5000

Half-Life and all associated games, including Team Fortress Classic and Counterstrike

Unreal Tournament…let’s see…what else…

Oh yes, I had forgotten…

Day of the Tentacle - One of the funniest damn games I’ve ever played. If you really like older games, look this one up…It’s extremely entertaining.

Well…that looks like it for now.

Oh yes, one other one…

Learning vB Coding with Reader Rabbit

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
Sam and Max Hit the Road
Wing Commander III
The Wizard of Oz (I played this on our old Tandy in the mid-80s. It was a text-based adventure that closely followed the plot of the first two Baum books. It had a few pictures that flashed on the screen for some scenes–they displayed in only six colors–and didn’t move. I don’t remember who made it, although the name “Windham” sticks in my mind somehow. If anyone remembers this and knows where to find it, I’d dearly love to play it again.)
Sim City 2000
The Sims
Black and White

Whoa, Caldazar, good call. Most people probably don’t know this, but that game is the predecesor to both Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics.

Oddly enough, most people call Fallout the sequel to that game, but there is a sequel inbetween. It’s called Fountain of Dreams. Fallout is game 3 in the series.

Ok, now for my list. The top 7('cause I’m lazy) PC games of all time are:

  1. Zork Nemesis- Very intriguing and wonderful music and sound.

  2. Under a Killing Moon- Very funny.

  3. Monkey Island 2:

Your Character: “I don’t get it, LeChuck, why did you do it? Why did you bring all this death and destruction to the world?”

LeChuck: “Remember that time when we were little and I was building a tower out of blocks and you came in and knocked it over?”

Your Character: “No.”

LeChuck: “Oh. Well then, uh, nevermind. You must die anyway!”

Hilarious game and at the same time, very difficult.

  1. Doom II- Really, the game that perfected the first person shooter. A huge step up in level design from Doom.

  2. Fallout 2- This game is huge and complicated, yet quaint and simple at the same time. Confused? Check it out to see what I mean.

  3. Riven- Superior to Myst and still very amazing.

  4. The Seventh Guest- Absolutely a sweet CD-ROM game(1993!) where you solved puzzles that you were not given the rules to even. It had a great plot and great acting.

I tip my hat to Final Fantasy VIII, which I played only on the PC but was originally a Playstation game. This would be my number 3 or 2 game on the list.

How in the world could I forget Duke Nukem 3D???

Civilization & Civ II
SimCity 2000

That’s about it. I don’t play PC games too much since I have a friend who brings great games for my Sega from Japan.

Man, I love ADOM, been playing it since Gamma 6. I’ve only beaten it with three characters - an orc beastmaster, a halfling archer, and a high elf paladin.

Total Annihilation (Starwhat? haha, don’t make me laugh)

Captain Goodnight and the islands of fear
(you run, shoot, fly a plane, drive a sub, run some more, drive a tank, run some more, all on an Apple ][e)

( Make a modern version damn you!)

Fallout I and II
Baldurs gate series

Civ II (never a dull game with Greeks and nukes)
Homeworld and Cataclysm (the soundtrack rocks, I get goosebumps hearing it)

Panzer General II ( I defeated the Allies!)

In no particular order:

X-Com: UFO Defense
Half-Life (up to, and stopping just before, Xen. After that it doesn’t count)
Day of the Tentatcle
Prince of Persia, 1 & 2
Star Control 2 (my current pc uses a SBLive card; its SB16 mode is emulated, the game doesn’t get along with it no matter what I do, no sound. Star Control 2 without sound is like a scoop of ice cream without a cone. This has saddened me recently.)
Point Blank 1 & 2 (Playstation Lightgun games)
Karateka (via Apple II emulator)
Heaven and Earth (the pendulum-bowl toy is just soothing)
Thief 2
System Shock 2
Ultima Underworld
Deus Ex
Chaos Overlords

Civ II
Populous II
Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
Gal’s Panic

weeps openly I am not the only one! I am not the only one!

This game takes every other RTS game out there and kicks it in the groin and then gives it a knee to the face. Awesome units, terrain, story, everything. The only RTS that even gets close is Warcraft 2, but that is a distant second to Total Annihilation.

BTW: Kvallulf Care to lose in a internet game of TA?

Until last month, I would have called Doom II the greatest PC game of all time, but that title now belongs to The Sims.

Runners-up include Carmageddon, Ultima IV, Lords of the Realm, Sim City and Sim City 2000 (still need to get 3000), Lode Runner, Stunts, Tetris, the Might and Magic series, Wizardry, Aztec, Ultima Underworld, and Wolfenstein 3-D. The original Adventure also rocked.

I know the OP didn’t ask for console games, but I have to give honorable mention to Street Fighter II, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy III as well.

Yes, how could I forget Elite? The Elite Series is another one of my favourites, including Elite 2 and even Frontier First Encounters (a.k.a. Elite 3).

I second Kvallulf’s suggestion to remake Autoduel. I think it should be updated with modern sound and Grand Theft Auto style graphics, but other than that it should be left alone except maybe more cities (maybe the entire U.S.?) and some vehicular equipment from the Car Wars RPG that didn’t make it into the computer game (turrets, weapon links, etc…).

Planescape Torment
Baldur’s Gate I & II
Icewind Dale
Heroes of Might and Magic II & III
Might & Magic VI-VII-VIII (way too addictive)
Quake II (DAMN my lack of Ethernet)
Warcraft II
Grim Fandango
Monkey Island
Civ II
Diablo II

From my C-64 days: Impossible Mission (for the sound effects if nothing else, it’s not like I ever finished it), Epyx Summer Games (I and II) and Winter Games, Racing Destruction Set, and Ultimate Wizard (the last two are on this list for having construction sets, which were way cool at the time).

From the PC era: Prince of Persia I and II, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Might and Magic III, Civilization II, and Nethack. Oh, and Riven. (I’d like to toss in Myst, but the PC version was a bit too buggy.)

I’d also like to add Planescape: Torment to my list even though I don’t actually have it. My computer doesn’t have the moxie to run it, but what I’ve seen of it on other people’s computers has just fascinated me.

Team up with him and take on Mrs. RickJay and I in a team TA game. Verily, we shall smite your hapless armies under waves of Mavericks and Brawlers. Prepare to be vanquished.

Total Annihilation is not just the best RTS game out there, it’s the best multiplayer game I’ve EVER played. The depth of the combined arms bloodbaths that game creates is just stunning. I’ve never layed a game before where you have 70-80 types of units and you have to use almost ALL of them to win. I’ve played TA wars that lasted ten hours and I never got sick of them.

It’s a terrible shame that Cavedog seems to be giving up the ghost, because that is some fantastic game.