Your feelgood clip of the day

Apologies if already posted. Enjoy! (And have a sniffle you must!):slight_smile:

aww, thanks for posting that, Dellie. It reminds me Of Rilla of Ingleside (One of L.M. Montgomery’s Anne Books… When Jem went off to war, his Dog waited at the station for years while he was gone.
He flung himself against the tall soldier, with a bark that choked in
his throat from sheer rapture. He flung himself on the ground and
writhed in a frenzy of welcome. He tried to climb the soldier’s khaki
legs and slipped down and groveled in an ecstasy that seemed as if it
must tear his little body in pieces. He licked his boots and when the
lieutenant had, with laughter on his lips and tears in his eyes,
succeeded in gathering the little creature up in his arms Dog Monday
laid his head on the khaki shoulder and licked the sunburned neck,
making queer sounds between barks and sobs.

The station agent had heard the story of Dog Monday. He knew now who the
returned soldier was. Dog Monday’s long vigil was ended. Jem Blythe had
come home.*

Awesome :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing,** Dellie** and janis.

You are fab! That is one of my personal favourites! A dog lover from wayback, it always brought a tear to the eye! Well done mate!:):slight_smile: (there is no teary icon!)


That was wonderful. Made my day.

You guys are killing me here with all this crying. :slight_smile:

I just wish it didn’t have the music. I wanna hear the happy barking!

And it’s the wrong music, too. People play that song over stuff that’s supposed to be feel-good or nostalgic, but the title is ‘Good Riddance,’ and it’s about a guy dumping his girlfriend.

see below

Yeah, Like playing Every breath you Take at Weddings & stuff…

Dellie, I’ve been an Anne fan from wayy back.

Great clip Dellie!

Heh, I also liked that post in the message list that, “If it had been a cat…”