Your God-given rights end at the border

My only question is :Qagdop the Mercatan, are these guys friends with your dad?

What are you saying? It’s my Godgiven right to smoke marihuana everywhere I go. Them furriners better not arrest me for smoking weed! Laws? Who cares about those weird furrin laws? :slight_smile:

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Of course it is!! But then again it’s the magistrate’s “God-given right” to haul off and smack the defendant upside the head.

Reminds me of the time I almost ran into the Federales down south of Nogales, AZ. Wooo! That was a close one! :smiley:

Livin’ la vida loca.

I wonder which bible verse specifically mentions assault rifles?

All right, Tripler. I’ll bite. Tell the story…

I can’t figure out what kind of a “nature gathering” they thought they would need assault rifles for. I mean, the paper interviewed one of the organizers whose name was “Waterfall”. Doesn’t sound like a get drunk and shoot things kind of event to me.

It’s that commandment right after Thout shalt not covet another man’s Kevlar. Something like Thout shalt lock your ammunition separate from your assault rifle if you aren’t using it at the time. . . Ask Charleton Heston. He’s the expert on both fronts.

Or something like that. . .

And THespos, let’s just say that “No me apunta la pistola maqina a mi cabeza, por favor!” came in handy . . .

That would be my father-in-law, and no, I don’t think so, he’s not that fond of young people or nature gatherings. He also decided to give Canada a miss this year.

I can see it – nature gathering, guns. Sounds like a good old fashioned hunting trip to me.

Yes and God said, bring all of the little furry animals into one gathering, bring them into a clearing, and thou shalt bring them into the sight of your rifle. Raise your rifle, thou shalt verely raise your rifle upon your shoulder, and Therefore thou shalt shoot and kill all furry creature for they are the right that I have given you.

But I may be missing something.

Actually, Americans don’t lose any god given rights, they just change at the border. Canadians just happen to have the god given right to not be surrounded by assault weapons.