Your Groundhog Day

Or, as the case may be, year.

If you had a chance to relive a day/week/month/year over and over again, where you didn’t age (except as normal throughout that time span) but yet you retained all of your memories, would you? And which would it be in particular?

As an added catch, you must declare, at the beginning, how long you want to relive this time period before time carries on as normal. This could take the form of requiring a specific action be done (i.e- I discover the cure for cancer).

I’d repeat my senior year of college, from course selection through graduation. I would have to repeat it until I was truly satisfied with the entire experience. That would be sweet!

April 27, 1992

Time may resume if, on this day:

  • I quit smoking before it becomes a permanent habit.

  • I don’t drive 20 miles to drop off a Dear Jen letter (like a schmuck) to my then-gf. I hope she’s forgiven me by now…

  • I don’t wreck my pickup truck on the drive home, breaking my neck & injuring two friends who are riding with me.