Your heartbreak in 10 words or less

“A guy, wearing a headset!..”

“Oh, no! Leon Lett!”



Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck motherfucker fuck fuck motherfucker.

Jordan shoots over Ehlo, running permanently on ESPN.

Chris Webber called time out at the worst possible time.

Grady Little leaves Pedro in the game way too long.

Girlfriend to china guy: Calling to tell you I got married today

Well, not sports-related but that really does suck. :frowning: = heartbreak

A couple more…

“Breaking news: Len Bias found dead of suspected drug overdose”

“There’s no time! There’s no time! What was he thinking!?” (LSU / Ole Miss a few years ago when Jefferson tried to run a spike play with :01 on the clock)

Wide right.

McDermott caught behind from the bowling of Walsh.

2nd Test - Lions Springboks 2009.

Last minute loss.



“A little roller up along first…behind the bag…!”

Charles Smith misses…gets rebound, misses…rebound, misses…rebound, misses.

In high school, my girlfriend slept with my best friend.

I resigned my army commission because I wouldn’t play ball.

Nick Anderson misses four free throws in a row.

Mitch Williams pitches.
Joe Carter wallops the ball
Ninety-three is done.

The day I decided to be a Lions fan

You can buy T-shirts around here right now that say “I still hate Laettner.” And that happened in '92.

Super Bowl XXX- Game-throwing quarterback can rot in Hell.

Steve Bartman’s fan interference

Konstantinov, Fetisov and Mnatsakanov’s chaufferred car crashed into a tree.