Your highest "The Feud" placing

That’s it, really. What’s the highest you’ve ever placed in one of the many “The Feud” games we always have going here in the Game Room? And what was it, if you can remember?

In the latest one (Food Fight!) I got 3rd, but my highest ever was a couple of 2nd places last June (Water Water Everywhere and Cheers). Still chasing a win…


I tied for 1st once with a perfect score in a European Vacation Feud. I think I’m usually in the 25-40 range.

Think I have two firsts!

But the last two, I really stunk up the joint.

typically around the middle of the pack.

I tied for first in my very first feud. I hadn’t come closer than 4th since, although I haven’t done any in a while.

I voted “11-15” because I remembered being in 11th in a feud not too long ago. Of course, I placed my vote before I checked (by running a “search this forum” on my screen name).

I actually came in 8th one game (a “SNL” game), never placed 11th, but did place 14th once and 18th once.

However, I have come in last 4 times, one of those times possibly being the lowest scoring feud ever submitted by a person:

  1. Who completed the ballot,
  2. Stone-cold sober.


Look and be amazed at my 58-point score in the “What Not to Wear Feud”!

I, of course, rationalize this by telling myself about what a free-thinker I must be, one that is destined not to follow the herd but to set my own course over uncharted waters.

Or maybe I’m just out of touch.


I have multiple firsts and I had at least one occasion I came in first two feuds in a row. Very lucky.

Multiple firsts, but still in the single digits. I’m still chasing a perfect game (first with 10/10 first place answers). I think I have one dead last as well.

I don’t know, but I’ve never even come close to winning. I usually answer the first thing that comes into my head (like in the bonus round of Family Feud) rather than giving the questions much thought.

Hear, hear.

I don’t know what the highest is for me…maybe 20th? But I have come in last at least twice, maybe 3 times. and I don’t play all that often. So I too am “destined not to follow the herd but to set my own course.” Well put, JohnT.

I got first place in the Disco Feud. Not sure if I should be proud of that or not, seeing as I was part of the Steve Dahl “Disco Sucks” crowd (though I never participated in any kind of demolition).

I’ve won 3 or 4 times… but it feels like my last win was a loooong time ago.

Usually I am two-thirds to three-fourths of the way down. My best showing, I believe, was in a Bible category, which would have struck me as rather improbable. I was in the top ten then, maybe, but still not very close to winning.

I suggested a all-conch feud one time, where all the questions had an obvious answer. It ended up being a 31-way tie for first place.

I have won at least 3 maybe 4 or 5, not sure.

I’ve won quite a few (nowhere near swampbear’s stats, though), and hold my own in the top 10 or so, a little lower lately.

I think I’ve even won my own feud.

I just realized I haven’t played a Feud in three years. But multiple 1sts is multiple 1sts.

Me too. I’ve totally lost it.

I got 2nd once and it was the highlight of my week.

I’m usually closer to the top than the bottom, but have had my share of horrible showings.
I won once, and I don’t even remember the topic. But I do recall that there was a scoring error, and the originally-reported winner had his victory snatched away, which made me feel kinda bad. (I got over it, though.)

I think I won once, but usually I’m in the bottom half of the pack. I’ve been dead last, or at least in the bottom three, far more often than I like to admit.