Your Hobby/Specialist Message Boards - Wars over Gear-Bragging?

Yep - all true. I would add that the folks most likely be passionate and involved online fall into a few major categories:

  • Complete guitar newbies, regardless of age
  • Blue-collar guys - many of whom are gigging players where the gig income matters and is part of their working wages
  • Hobbyists - often folks with money, and who enjoy a cool guitar
  • High-end collector/acquirers

I can see where a motorcycle board might have a similar convergence of blue collar diehards, white collar hobbyists and richer aficionados - I’m sure others do, too. While in many ways the diversity is great - sometimes it stirs the pot; see references to boasting, bitching and but-hurt-itude.

Please note I am not slamming any one group - everybody has their pros and cons. But the mix - especially on an over-modded place like the Acoustic Guitar Forum - can lead to a lot of deleted threads…

On the Mustang boards I used to read, you listed your car (and sometimes mods or rebuild status).

It helped when reading threads to make distinctions:

Concourse level restorations of classics
Resto-Mod classics
Daily Driver classics

Then all of the people with the newer cars - which often had a completely different type of discussion.

Finally, a few people would list that they are between cars, and what they were looking for

The fights were usually against board trolls (Chevy guys, or kids into the modern stuff (with the added term of “Ricers” tossed around a lot).