Your ideas intrigue me.

I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.


Wherever I move… his eyes… keep staring at me…



The Daily Show must interview this mug. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

He should already know that you want to subscribe to his newsletter.

Question for the Reality Club**

Nah – too easy.

Damn, if I were hooked into the morphic, um, whatever, I’d’ve known I blew the coding.

How much does this guy make? I need a scam like this.

And, knowing that, he would also know your preferred credit card number and the expiration date, and would know that you’d have no problem with his using them.

So you get the subscription painlessly. Why on earth would any psychic-type EVER need to advertise?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Which he cribbed from Terry Pratchett. Oh Og, I can’t believe this.

I think we actually saw a video of his in science class back in high school. There was a fellow talking about morphic fields, I think; at least, I remember seeing this picture of a human hand with this blue glow around it. I think that was one of the films they showed during finals week where the teachers really didn’t care what we did.

I can feel … I sense a presence of some sort…why it’s the good doctor, wanting me to join in his Quest for Knowledge! I knew it all along… :slight_smile:

Question: can one telepather prosecute another for tele-stalking?

Move to Boulder or Sedona. The money literally jumps into your pockets.

[Peter Griffin]This is more exiting then the time i was on Crossing Over!..

JE; I’m sensing someone, does your name start with an A?
PG; No
JE; B?
PG; No
JE; C?
PG; No
PG; P, YES! My name’s Peter!
JE; Is your name Peter?
PG; Wow, you are good!

I thought that was salmon. :confused:

Come now, The People’s Republic of Boulder stopped using the grasshopper as legitemate form of currency for psychic services over 4 years ago. The naked mole rat is now the preferred tender–but it does lack the intense stare you can invoke in a really perturbed grasshopper.

So… when I feel like people are staring at me all the time, this guy says it means I’m psychic instead of paranoid and ugly? Sign me up!

Didn’t a woman sue David Letterman for something like that?

I’m on to you. You stop following me with your thoughts and impure desires right now or I’ll report you to…Rupert!

Yeah-Rupert–who already knows all about you. Ha!

I’d like to imagine nobody believes him, but just last night I saw infomercials for some vaguely homeopathic joint ‘spray’ that is of course almost all water, and the Qlink for golf (which now that I check seems to be just a regular Qlink), a device apparently consisting of a wound length of wire in a plastic shell that will “tune up your biofield through a resonant effect that harmonizes your energy” or some *$&%, only $129. :rolleyes:

But it’s still OK for me to have impure thoughts about you, right? :wink:

I thought I was sensing a second presence, but what with the wind today–it’s been hard to keep my tinfoil hat on!

You know what I think about those thoughts. Enough said. Nod’s as good as wink…

Firefox must have a baloney blocker extension.

:slight_smile: All I see is the “Sheldrake Online” banner, and lots of white space. I checked Page Source to see if I was missing something. I was. I guess.