Your Love is Lifting Me Higher

Was “Your Love is Lifting Me Higher” recorded by anyone else besides Rita Coolidge? Was her version the original or a cover?

I was under the impresion that Jackie Wilson did the original version of the tune (which is called Higher and Higher, assuming we’re talking about the same thing).

Jackie Wilson recorded the definitive version in 1967.

Who is Rita Coolidge?

Rita Coolidge used to be married to Kris Kristopherson. She sang a bit in the late 60s, early 70s. I haven’t heard anything from her in ages.

Make that Kristoffersen. I think.

Isn’t this the song they used in Ghostbusters II in order to get a positive reaction from the slime?

Rita had this hit in the '90s

She’s a hippie survivor from the 60’s. She toured with Joe Cocker way back when (Mad Dogs & Englishmen).