YOUR misheard lyrics

So earlier today the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Scar Tissue” came up on one of my Pandora channels.

I had always heard the refrain as something like “With birds and shade it’s so lonely with you.” I knew that didn’t really seem right, so I looked up the lyrics.

It’s actually “With the birds I’ll share this lonely viewin’.” I honestly never would have guessed that.

The part…

…I heard as well.
How I heard “no tell if I die” instead of “don’t care if I die” in “Flip, Flop, Fly”, only the great Blue Meanies know.

That’s somehow quite a surprise. I’m really no stranger to a misheard lyric myself, but that one was always as clear as a bell to me.

Afternoon Delight:

This relies on British English slang, but as a child I heard the first line of the chorus as

Ahh, sufferin’ shite

To be honest, the first four syllables were pretty indistinct and I was pretty well aware that I had no clue what they really were - though they were something like that - but they always resolved into shite at the end of the line.

I recently watched the American Masters biography of Janis Joplin with the closed captioning on. And I realized that for all these years, what I heard as the start of Piece of my Heart:

“Didn’t I make you feel like you want to own me?”

was actually:
“Didn’t I make you feel like you were the only man?”


I just looked up the lyrics to “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” when I was posting in the “occupations in songs” thread, and I just discovered I was hearing it wrong all these years.

I always heard:
“Joan was quizzical, studied at the physical science in the home” (A slightly awkward phrase, but I figured they worded it that way to get the meter right).

It’s actually:
“Joan was quizzical, studied pataphysical science in the home”. To be fair, I’d never actually hears of pataphysics until now.

Add me to the “Binded By The Light” group, but I always heard “Wrapped up like a douche, and roll her over in the night.”

And apologies to Elton John for “Hold me close I’m tired of dancing.”

I’m really good at understanding lyrics; I don’t know why, but I am.

Anyway, Steve Winwood’s “Give Me a Higher Love” absolutely sounded like “Rickey and Oliver” to me.

I’m embarrassed to say I only found out the real title to the Aerosmith song: Love in an Elevator just a few weeks ago. I always mumbled along, figured it was something like “lovin’ la via bella” or some other foreign term meaning loving a good life.

I’m going to hide now.

I always thought the lyrics to Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone”, aka the song from Top Gun went

“I went to the danger zone
Right into the danger zone”

I just learned today it’s actually

“Highway to the danger zone
Ride into the danger zone”

Hotel California:
Real lyrics: smell of colitis rising up through the air
My lyrics: warm smell of coleep dust rising up though the air
I didn’t find out what colitis was until reading the Straight Dope, but what the heck is coleep dust?

I strongly believe that Bon sings ’ …Seasoned digger on a one-way ride’ I searched Australian slang for word ’ digger ’ and it is used to describe '… endurance, courage, ingenuity, good-humoured mate etc.

Okay, I’m going to try to make that an earworm.

(I’ll gladly trade eternal bliss for some good pie…)


And since this thread has been resurrected this (rightly so, it’s timeless)… I’ve just got to point out this is the saddest thing I’ve ever read:

Several years ago, “Another Brick in the Wall” came on the radio while we were driving somewhere.

I said to my husband, “I don’t understand. How come he can’t have any pudding if he don’t clean his feet?”

Hubby, almost driving off the road: “What the hell?!? It’s ‘How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?’”

Me: “Gee, that does make more sense.”

Freewill by Rush

The line is actually “I will choose a path that’s clear” and I heard “…a bathosphere.”

A friend quickly set me straight (after looking at me up and down with contempt, ha-ha).

ETA: Hey, who wants cake? My treat!

I should clarify: which I had never heard at the time (I was about 11 years old when I heard Elton John’s version). Should have written, “I hadn’t yet heard.” Probably a case of imprinting, but I do like John’s version better.

Gary Owens, genius DJ on KMPC AM710 in the 70s, very kindly supplied the answer to that.

What I’m wondering is: who thinks Dude looks like a lady is a real song lyric, and why won’t Google help me find the complete lyrics to Do The Lucky Lady?

Nitpick: That song is Love Lies Bleeding. Funeral For A Friend is the instrumental that immediately precedes it on the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album.

Uh, Wendy. It’s colitas, not colitis.


So I just figured out that the song that plays during the end credits of Lovecraft Country is “Sinner Man”, not “Cinnamon” like I’d been hearing.