Your Mother Doesn't Work Here. . .

. . . so please clean up after yourself! This really drives me crazy; people go out and have to leave their trash all over the place.
I went to McDonald’s with some friends and, as we got up to leave, I noticed that I was the only one picking up my trash.

Me: Um, aren’t you guys going to pick up your trash?

Friend #1: No, they have people to do that.

Me; No, they don’t.

Friend #2: Yes they do; they have janitors. In fact, if we clean up after themselves, they’ll lose their jobs!

Me: No, I used to work at McDonald’s, and they don’t have janitors. They make people who have other jobs here clean up after you.

Friend #1: See? They have people to do it.

They then proceeded to literally drag me out of the restaurant so that I could not pick up their trash or mine. These are the same people that leave their half-empty drinks and popcorn bags and candy wrappers all over theatres. Most theatres that I know don’t hire people specifically as janitors. Why should they? They can make the cashiers and refreshment stand people and ticket-takers do that. And you know who cleans up after the slobs at Rocky Horror? The cast. And we aren’t even paid to be there. In fact, ever since cast dues were instituted, we pay to be there. But we have to make sure that the theatre is clean before we leave so that they’ll let us come back.
Why is it so hard to clean up after yourself? To pick up your trash, walk three steps to a trashcan, and throw it away?


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Cess, I have a friend exactly like one you described. My sentiment is that he is an oaf, with no manners. I think we should pick up after ourselves, regardless weather there is people that can be made to do it.

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I hate it when i see people throw their cigarettes out the car window, and a little spark ball comes flying at me. I’ve also seen smokers stomp them out on really nice wood floors. what’s wrong with these people. actually, anyone that litters is scum.

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Yeah, people can be slobs sometimes. A few days ago I was driving home from work, and being rush hour I was cruising at a good 2 miles an hour.

The driver of the car in front of me decided to make the scenery prettier by throwing her Burger King bag full of garbage and extra large cup out the window. She did this after traffic had come to a complete stop.

I couldn’t believe the fucking nerve of this person. I rolled down my window, and screamed “Hey asshole, you dropped something” and she gave me the finger. Since we were at a complete stop, I was contemplating getting out of my car, picking up the bag and throwing it back in her car.

Cars finally started moving, though.

I’ve found that, more effective than calling them assholes, is to say with a big smile, “You know, you and I both pay a LOT of taxes for cleaning up the streets. Do you really want us to all have to pay MORE taxes?”

Usually gets a better response.

Of course if your mother does, in fact, work for the Highway Department, the argument’s kind of a moot point.

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Awww, Dext, you take all the fun out of it.

To bad you can’t use their licsense plate number to get their home address and mail the shit back to them postage do, no return add.

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On the flip side - it always KILLS me when my S.O. comes over to visit. Whenever he tries to get anything out of his pocket, wrappers and papers and assorted junk come flying out of his pocket. This is, of course, because he shoves EVERYTHING into his pockets until he gets to my house, where there is a convenient trash can. It makes me laugh every time. Don’t even get me started on his car…anything that doesn’t fit in the pockets gets dumped in the car. This is precisely why men should carry purses - its easier to stuff junk in :slight_smile:

DUH! Talking about my S.O. wasn’t even the original reason for my post. I’ll tell ya people, I’m losing my ever lovin’ mind.

My ex-husband was the type that wouldn’t pick up after himself at fast food restaurants. That used to drive me nuts. I would do it and he used to get furious with me to the point of not speaking to me. IIRC, his point was that I had a maid at home, so why should I have to be a maid when I go out and pay for services. My argument back always was a lame one like “well, this is (add your favorite fast food type joint here)”. He never did buy my argument.

Litter-dumpers are revolting and people who won’t bus their own trays at fast food joints are just tacky and rude.

Has anyone else been appalled by coworkers who leave dirty plates in the sink, spills and crumbs all over the tables, etc.? The thing that drives me wild are the ones who nuke stuff in the microwave, let it splatter and spill and just leave it! Yuck-O! It gets all crusty and disgusting so no one else wants to use it.

I have to wonder if they are that slobby at home? If they are, I’m suprised they aren’t dead from dysentery.

This topic reminded me because we had a sign made in mock needlepoint to hang in the staff room: “Mother doesn’t work here. Clean it up yourself.” It didn’t help, and neither did throwing away dishes, tupperware, etc. that were left unwashed.



Cess, I applaud your attitude. I’ve never worked in a restaurant, but I did work in record stores for years and it used to drive me crazy picking up people’s trash, CDs they decided they didn’t want but couldn’t take the time to put back in the right place, etc. Folks, the employees of these places have enough to do without cleaning up after your mess.

Now let’s talk about people who use those disposible seat covers in public restrooms, and leave them on the frigging seat …

Cessandra writes:

I had friends in the cast who loved cleaning up after because they had no money for toilet paper.

I know this is the pit, but I was only being funny.

Anyway, the people I work with can’t see fit to throw away their nasty coffee cups and fill the basket with sugar packets when it’s empty, or close the cupboards, or throw away used plastic forks, etc. etc. I always assume the culprits are men!

Funny, my mom would have said, “Do I get paid to be your personal janitor?”.

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What I really can’t stand are the morons who piss all over the toilet seat becasue they’re to wussy to lift the toilet seat. These guys should be forced at gunpoint to sit on those seats for ten minutes.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Cess–(fellow former McDonald’s employee :slight_smile: ) I LOVE your sig line!! That is brilliant!! This argument somewhat reminds me of the tipping discussion in Reservoir Dogs.

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We really don’t mind cleaning up after Rocky, because we recycle all of the AP props (toilet paper, hats, horns, anything that’s still usable and not gross). However, when people spill an entire Coke and leave it there (cup and all), it kinda ruins any props in the area. :slight_smile:


Why sex is better than religion: There are laws against forcing sex on minors who can’t think for themselves.

I try to pick up other people’s trash as often as i can… it makes me feel better. One time i saw this shithead drop a bunchof trash ont he ground right beside a friggin dumpster… so i walked up to him, bent over, picked it up and handed it to him. I had about 100 LBs on him, so he immediately put it back in the dumpster :slight_smile: That was fun

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Alright, Rory.
As a former Movie Theater employee, I must a agree. Not only is it a really fucked up thing to do, but that shit can SMELL after a while. We had a big premeire of Phantom Menace w/Lucas et al. Do you guys know how bad tw-three hour old coffee and popcorn smell together. I was nauseous. People, it’s NOT THAT FUCKING HARD. Put it in your goddamn pocket. If you do spill, tell an employee so noone breaks their fucking neck, as I almost did a few times.[/guilt about dissing Lucas]

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I was at Wendy’s the other day, and there were 4 or 5 guys sitting there eating and hanging out…they spread out all over the room, leaving shit at every table, sat there cursing over the damn cell phone for 5 minutes in a very loud voice. I thought they were perhaps the rudest people that I have ever seen…After they left, the damn dinning room looked like a herd of 3 years olds had a party there…

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