Your music group personnel misconceptions?

For a while, I thought Joan Jett was one of the Jets (the late-1980s pop group).

Even more incredibly, it was only about two years ago that I learned that Pat Benetar was never part of the Bangles. I don’t know how I came to believe this in the first place. I thought that she left the group sometime in the mid to late 1980s. I knew she had a solo career before that time, but I thought she still did some work with the Bangles (much like how Phil Collins did some solo stuff during his time as lead singer of Genesis).

I used to think that Adam Sandler was one of the Beastie Boys. (Had him mixed up with Ad-Rock.)

I used to think this song was from a music group called “The Band”. I formed that impression before I had listened to much pop or rock (I was a classical [del]geek[/del] snob as a kid and only started tuning into rock in high school) and it stayed lodged in my head for an embarrassingly long time, i.e., long after I had sufficient familiarity with the sound of The Who.

ETA: that’s not really a personnel misconception, sorry.

Close enough! I wouldn’t mind reading about other music-related misconceptions Dopers have had.

I’ll toss in another plea for posters to simply name something (like this song) rather than expect others to open a separate link and start streaming at least 30 seconds of a video in order to understand the post.

When I first heard Dire Straits’ Sultans of Swing, I honestly thought it was the new Bob Dylan album that was coming out at that same time. Took me awhile to figure that out. I still think it sounds kind of close to Dylan’s voice.

I bought the single of this when it was out. Here’s the weird thing: The flip side is “Baby Don’t You Do It” by Holland Dozier Holland.

It was also the Bands second of two top 40 singles. The same song, the same year.

This thread wouldn’t be complete with lno’s confession that he though Jerry Lee Lewis and Jerry Lewis were the same person in one of the Dope’s classic threads.

My rage burns with the fire of a million suns.

I was shocked, shocked I tells ya, when I learnt the lead singer of the song Venus by the Shocking Blue was a female.

And this was just withing the past year or so, meaning my assumption had been wrong for decades.

It was only within the past 5 years that I found out that Nick Gilder, of “Hot Child in the City” fame, is male. In those pre-MTV days when music was only on the radio, I would have sworn Nick was short for Nicole.

Not exactly a personnel error, but there’s a fairly well known heavy metal guitarist named Bernie Torme. For years I thought he was the son of jazz singer Mel Torme. Nope- turns out Bernie is Irish, not American.

I knew a girl in high school that could not get it through her skull that Blondie was the name of the band, not the singer. I lost count of the number of times I had to repeat " She is Deborah Harry; they are Blondie."

Back in the 60s, there was a lot of press about John Lennon’s album “Two Virgins,” mostly about how it was covered in white paper so the cover photo of John and Yoko naked was hidden.

Then we got a few copies of an album with an all-inclusive cover, with only the words ”The Beatles" embossed on it…

When I was a teenager one of my siblings told me that Thomas Dolby was the guy who invented all the Dolby audio technology like surround sound and noise reduction. And that he just made music as a hobby.
I believed that until about 5 years ago when I finally looked it up on Wikipedia.

Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but it sounds like you are under the impression that Collins had a solo career before Genesis. He joined Genesis as a nobody, ten years before he released his first solo album. He was a member of Genesis continuously throughout the height of his solo career, until he left in 1995.

Did I just unmask another misconception? :smiley:

Usually the frontman is the singer. Sometimes it’s the lead guitarist. But a bassist or drummer (who don’t or rarely sing) is weird. Pete Wentz is the bassist of Fall Out Boy. Nicky Wire is the bassist for the Manic Street Preachers. I had to look up both singers’ names.

Patti Smith and Patty Smyth is another one, though I learned that before it embarrassed me.

Lots of these. For example, 80s staple Yaz/Yazoo. The guy from Kill Hannah sounded like Shirley Manson of Garbage. Q Lazzarus of Buffalo Bill tucking his genitals away fame.

An interesting one: Vincen Furnier renamed his band “Alice Cooper,” and everybody thought it was his name. He’s since taken the name personally, too. Apparently he pays royalties to use the name.

I confuse Oingo Boingo, Bananarama, and Bow Wow Wow, but just because of the group names and the time period, not any of the members.

That’s interesting. I’ll bet that ALMOST happened to Jethro Tull – ahem, I mean Ian Anderson.

Did anyone mention people assuming Peter Wolf was “J. Geils”?

As a child, I assumed the voice of Johnny Nash was that of a female, and the voice of Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie was that of a male.

I really thought it was Eric Clapton (when I was nine). My father liked both singer/guitarists, and they do play in a similar style (especially in the late 70s).