Your nation's national personification!

Interesting list here

I’m sorry… the Canadian entry in the list linked in the OP is inaccurate.

None of the characters listed are a true national personification for Canada: Johnny Canuck is too forced, the Mountie is too political, and Big Joe Mufferaw is too regional. Instead, we are the Beaver. :smiley:

For the US I suggest the addition of Gordon (“Greed is good!”) Gecco.

In the fifties, we had The Ugly American. I forget if he was the jingoist or the nice guy in the story, but that’s what we called jingoists.
Glad that tag went away, if not the sentiment.

Hello Kitty is the personification of Japan??? :eek:

That would explain a lot.

I’m just glad I’m not Swiss. Colin Tampon?!

I would have picked Voltron.

You referenced The Arrogant Worms?

Excuse me while I go crush in a majorly geeky way on you in this corner, please.

Well, at least he didn’t say it was the last Saskatchewan pirate. History is made by stupid people, after all. :smiley:

Ahem. I’d take issue with Big Joe Mufferaw (not well enough known across the country), and Johnny Canuck (too old). Mounties, however, are pretty much it, I’d say. Most people I’ve met from around the world are familiar with the red-coated Mountie, and I’ve been asked many times how often I’ve seen these folks in the red coats–are they a common sight on the streets of Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver?

(Answer: No. The red uniforms are their ceremonial uniforms. For everyday police work, they look just like regular police anywhere. But regardess, the Mounties in their red uniforms seem to symbolize Canada to everybody I’ve met around the world.)

:: blush ::

Was always partial to Ultraman myself.

Wow… I’m afraid to say I don’t know Uncle François :confused:

New Zealand’s personification isn’t on that list: it’s Zealandia , from back when we were a colony and wanted something like Brittania. She’s still on our coat of arms.

It occurs to me that “Ice Wolf” would be a pretty cool personification for somewhere. Baffin Island, maybe.