your odd childhood behaviors

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Very odd indeed! :confused:

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Well, here is my strange childhood behavior, and it might be kind of telling to the kind of personality that I have even today. I had this little music box when I was a toddler up until maybe the age of four. Don’t really remember much about it, but I do remember that it played a sad song. So I used to open up this music box and listen to the song and start crying. Did it all the time - what can I say, I loved the song and it was sad, so I cried.

My parents took it away from me because they probably figured it wasn’t good for me.


OK, this is embarrasing and I have outgrown this.

When I was little I would hate going poop. We had a small house and the walls were real thin and you could hear everyone, and I guess I was just a bit paranoid about it or something. So I would hold my cheeks together in a vise grip and it would go away after a few minutes. But eventually I just couldn’t put it off any longer, and when I did!!! Oy Vay!!! Now THAT was embarrasing! :eek:

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When I was under eight years of age, I had an odd behavior. If I had a mishap where I’d get scraped, cut, or skinned, I would start searching for my missing skin, in hopes that it could be put back in place. Weird :rolleyes:

I mostly did this because my older brother did it but it did become a habit that well…
Any way imagine a small boy sitting on a couch and basically moving the top half of his body as if he were in a rocking chair and kind of bouncing his back against the sofa. Now think of two boys doing it and you can see why it was so strange. We did this everywhere including the car, and at other peoples houses.

I still sometimes bounce just a little if I’m driving.

I loved to sit upside down on the couch-my back on the seat part, with my legs and feet going up the back of it.

I also used to love to spin around until I felt dizzy. Now it makes me positively nauseuas.