Your oh-so-humble opinions about dating?

So I figured I’d post here…where you get “humble opinions”. What are your theories about dating?

Currently I’m talking with a woman who I’m having second thoughts about. Perhaps I’m just self-centered, an idiot, or both…but this person doesn’t seem to be on par with me, intellectually speaking. I’m not claiming to be Cecil, nor am I saying this women is dumb, because she’s not. Her flair seems to lend toward “street banter” more than challenging debates. Yet, she seems rather honest, and funny.

This brings up the age old question. Do you search for a person who meets your interests, or one that adds to them. In other words, in your humble opinion, do opposites attract? Two seemingly opposites creating a “whole” that wouldn’t occur otherwise…or, are the odds better when simply mirroring one half (i.e., finding that person who matches your criteria).

Your opinions?

Jet Black

The secret of successful dating: lower your expectations.

We’ve all been force-fed an idealized, and more or less unattainable, concept of love by television, movies, and books. Romantic relationships are nasty, brutish and frequently short. The sooner we resign ourselves to this ugly reality the better off we’ll all be.

BTW, I hear decadent women find cynicism a big turn-on. :wink:

Don’t believe the hype, bub.

Is your question about dating and finding a mate in general, or (as it seems to me) are you really asking about this particular woman you’re seeing now? Whatever the case, my theory is that you’ll probably end up marrying someone who is in some essential qualities (not necessarily looks) just like your mother. Then you’ll end up having conflicts with her that somehow address or replay the problems going on as you were growing up. Then you’ll need therapy and, after mountains of hard work and anguish, it may (or may not) get better. But probably not.

Wait a minute . . . I’m talking about myself. This sucks.
Never mind. Oh well.