Your opinions on denture adhesives, please?

I had my remaining upper teeth removed a while ago, and I’ve decided to really buckle down and at least TRY to wear my upper plate every day. Right now, I’m using Fixodent adhesive, but I’m perfectly willing to give another brand, either national or house brand, a try.

This stuff sticks to my gums after I remove the plate. It also sticks to my plate. Now, when I’m wearing that plate, I do want the stuff to be sticky, but when I take my plate out for the day, I’d like to quickly remove all of the goo from both my gums and my plate. Brushing with a regular toothbrush and paste works somewhat, but I found out that it’s nearly impossible to get all the goo out of the toothbrush.

Any other denture tips are welcome, too.

Most full upper dentures do quite nicely without adhesives. as opposed to lowers. I’ve had my upper plate about a year and a half and it holds itself to the roof of my mouth with no problems, except for ignoring the Laws of Gravity. I wish I could say the same for my lower denture. I’ve had it a little over a month, and I can’t wait to take it out each day. Original Poli-grip works the best at keeping it in mostly one spot. Failure to do so has produced blisters, which are not A Great Deal Of Fun.™

My uppers DO need some adhesive. I’m just tired of wiping and scraping it off my gums when I take the plate out.

No opinion, but true story. I was at the rescue squad building taking a continuing ed class when this call happened.

Husband (and not very bright) of a semi-invalid woman is asked to put her dentures in her mouth. He put too much Poli-grip on her upper plate, stuck them in her mouth and the adhesive oozed out, obstructing her airway. Rescue was called citing breathing difficulties.

It took 3 EMTs, a set of channelock pliers, and 15 minutes to get the offending plate out of her mouth and her airway opened up. The crew came back to the class and a standing ovation. That incident was honored as the oddball call of the year, BTW.

I guess if you don’t want your choppers to go anywhere, Poli-grip is it, but 2nd or 3rd party cleanup may be required. :wink:

<cackle> Well, when I was first shown how to apply the adhesive, the hygienist (or whatever her title is) DID warn me that I only needed a tiny bit, and she’s right. As it is, I damn near need pliers to get that plate out if I get a little enthusiastic about applying the goo.

Scrape out as much goo as you can with your fingers or another tool suitable for scraping – a chopstick works. Don’t let the goo go down the drain – it’ll clog, eventually. Wrap the goo in a piece of tissue and toss it in the trash. Use a toothbrush to clean off anything that’s left.

Fixodent is good. One variety comes in a tube with a really tiny opening, for a more narrow line of goo. If you use the other kind, dab it on using a toothpick, leaving space between the dabs.

It’s puzzling that you need goo on your upper. Maybe it needs to be refitted?

My mom, who’s been wearing dentures for 40+ years, swears by Fixodent Extra Strength POWDER. She hates all of the stuff in tubes, but I don’t remember why.

Have you tried a powder adhesive?

Too slow, too slow today.

I can say that the powder comes off fairly easily and quickly, most of it just with a good rinsing. I assume that it works the same on your gums. :slight_smile:

I had to have it ground down a bit, because it was making me gag all the time. When I first got it, I didn’t need any goo, but I was finding it impossible to wear. I still don’t like to wear it, but at least I don’t have to worry about it triggering my gag reflex now.

Mouth wash seems to get rid of the goo in your mouth while simply dumping the chompers into a denture bath with an over night cleanser tablet does the job. I’ve only used Scope and Polident so your mileage may vary.