Your Pet . . . and Its Name

I finally got the go-ahead from my apartment complex to get a dog. I know it will have to be a small one, but I have to admit that (for some odd reason) I have always wanted a Bassett Hound so I could name it “Thoreau”. Of course I would likely call it “Row”, but even still I think its a great name for a bassett. I love bassett’s, the only animal that may sleep more than me.

What kind of animal id your pet ? What did you name it ? Do you actually call it that . . . or something else ? If you could have any animal in the world as a pet what would it be ?
This place is too small for a hound, I know that . . . but maybe someday.

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I have a beagle. He tends to run away every time I let him out of his pen. Luckily as he’s gotten older he comes right back instead of being gone for a couple of hours like he did when he was a pup. His name is Buddy, after the movie, Regarding Henry, which starts Harrison Ford (my fav). In the movie the little girl names her beagle Buddy, and I fell in love with the idea.

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We once had a cat. I named it Twinkie. My husband called it Twinkaceti, after a character in Perfect Strangers, or Ceti.
Its daughter, my cat, I called Fuzzy. Which was appropriate. Just plain fuzzy, nothing else.

I have a tiger cat named Wiley, after Wile E. Coyote, due to her tendency as a kitten to run full force into the walls. Splat!

I have three Boston Terriers. The oldest we named Lady after “Lady and the Tramp.” It suits her though, because she rules our house. And she’s really smart. Lady’s husband, King, is just a big, fat, stupid mush. We named him King because we needed something that would go with Lady, and he didn’t look like a Prince or a Duke, so we picked King. Lady and King’s puppy (who was one of 5), is named Winston. My grandfather just liked the name Winnie, when we got Lady, he wanted us to name her Winnifred, so my dad let our third dog be named Winston.

i’ve got -
a seal-point siamese named çebeaux.
a mystery white and orange cat named mandarin

i usually call both of them by their names, although sometimes mandarin gets fatty and çebeaux, billy.

for the first fourteen years of my life we had a terrier/toy poodle/chihuahua named rasputin. we called him raz.

i’ve also had -
leopard gecko’s - kirby and kirby’s friend. some fish - jake, roofus and sam.
some newts - anscot, darryl, marie and jerriko.
gerbil - frisky
hamsters - taffy and smidgen
cats - mouse and spunky
… there’s more, but i have to get my butt in the shower…

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My “country cat,” who remained with my parents when I moved to the Big City, is named Zem Louise Nesbitt. Zem for the mattresses in the Hitchhiker books, Nesbitt for a Monty Python character, and Louise because she likes it. My adopted city cat is called Marlin, so named by the wonderful folks at the ASPCA, but I usually just call him Binky. He hasn’t complained yet…

Gamera is really neat, he is full of turtle meat, we’ve been eating Gam-er-aaaa…

I have a dachshund/corgy (mostly dachshund) mix–Named Max because she looks just like Max (The Grinch’s dog in How the Grinch Stole Xmas).

We just got a treefrog this week. Named him Trash Heap. He eats crickets and mealworms, but I haven’t gotten to the point of naming those guys before I dump them in the terrarium.

Named my Jack Russell terrier, Mudbone. I got it off an old Richard Pryor (?) comedy sketch. It’s also an apt name for what I think is the famous Wishbone’s evil twin.

Also got two African pygmy (I’d sure hate to see the full-size ones) hedgehogs. Lack of imagination that day caused the wife and I to name them Cactus and Sonic (groan).

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There is a neighborhood cat who comes by daily to play and I let him in the apt. He walks around like he owns the place an inevidably gets into trouble and I shoo him out, so I named him Trouble. The other day he was following me around the place and my friend made a comment that, “Where ever I go Trouble follows.” I can’t imagine where she ever got that impression. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We have a border collie that my girl named Elmo. Dont have a clue why. He is black and white. My favorite name for a dog is Knuckles. When I was a child, I had a dauchshund. My dad called him Knuckles, even though I had named him something else. I asked him one day ‘Dad why do you insist on calling him Knuckles.’ Dad said, ‘So he will be careful and I wont have to give him a knuckle sandwich.’ I always remebered that and thought it was funny.

We have a miniature pinscher named Samson.
My husband’s name is Byron.

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When I was growing up, my father bought a female beagle to mate with his male beagle. She had puppies, but was a bad mother. She consistently rolled over on the puppies while sleeping and smothered them. Eventually, there was only one left. My dad named him “Lucky.”

I currently have 2 cats. One is an orange tabby named Arkady. When I got him, I wanted a Russian Blue, but couldn’t afford it. So I got a cat from the pound and gave it a good Russian name.

My other cat is a domestic longhair who just showed up in my kitchen one day (she got in through the dog door). She’s a really sweet cat, and I’m lucky that she showed up since I like her so much. I named her “Theadora” - which means “gift from God.”

The gang:

Our first dog was a German Shephard/Great Dane mix we called Larry. I hate to say this, but he was our favorite. “Big Guy” was his most used nickname. He passed away Dec 23, 1999.

Larry’s sister (although no relation) is a German Shephard called Samantha. Mostly we call her Sam or Sammy-dog. She misses Larry very much. Not sure if a new puppy would help so still hemming and hawing over this.

Eight year old female cat called Chrystal, although we call her Kissy or Kiss-Kiss more than anything (very affectionate). She’s since added Fatcat (for obvious reasons) to names she knows as hers.

Latest addition was a stray female kitten that arrived at my house at the end of September. She was no more than 5 weeks old and we agreed to keep her until my mother-in-law could take her. Since we weren’t planning on keeping her we called her Kitten for the first week or so. Needless to say after two weeks there was NO WAY she was going anywhere. Now she’s officially Baby Godzilla (guess what was new on video that week). We call her Zilly, Squirt, Baby or Kitten. She recognizes all of the above.

When we get a dog it will be a black lab, and I am pushing heavily for the name Reagan, after my favorite politician. I think Mrs. Mull will agree, but not a certainty yet.

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“I have a tiger cat named Wiley, after Wile E. Coyote,”

We also have a tiger named Wiley after the cartoon character. But we gave him the name before we realized that he lacks the typical cat-like grace. Our other cat is a calico named Tex. My wife thought it was weird to name a female Tex, but it was my decision and I like it.

Our dog is a shpeherd/collie mix. His name is Gus. We named him after Gus Grissom, but realize now that he is no rocket scientist. What he lacks in brains he makes up for in temperament though. He is great with the kids and although he presents an imposing appearance, there is not a viscious bone in his body. He is actually something of a chicken.


Two grey male tiger tabby kittens, 8 months old…

“Ruckus” & “Havoc”

I need new furniture.

We have 3 cats and a 2 fish.
[ul][li]Our oldest cat is a British Blue shorthair named T.C. It stands for “The Cat”. He was a stray that a friend found in a parking lot. She had him checked out and neutered, then offered him to us when he was ready. When we called her to check on him, we’d ask, “How’s the cat?” So “The Cat” stuck.[/li]
It also goes with the old Hanna/Barbera character “Top Cat” who was called T.C. by his friends.
[li]Our second cat is a mostly-black tuxedo colored cat named Othello. We’d just seen a production of Othello at the Shakespeare Theatre. Ironically, the part of Othello was played by Patrick “Capt. Picard” Stewart, and most of the rest of the cast was black.[/li]
Maybe we should’ve named him Iago instead. :slight_smile:
[li]Our third cat is a tuxedo-colored Maine Coon cat named Spitz, who used to spit at our sister-in-law’s dog whenever it got too close.[/li][li]Our Pleco (sp?) is named Freddy, 'cause his eyes are buggy like a high school friend of mine, Fred.[/li][li]We didn’t name the other fish, a catfish, even though we’ve had him almost as long as T.C. Any suggestions?[/ul][/li]

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We acquired two new cats in the past year. One came from the pound and was named Clouseau, but as she grew accustomed to living the good life at our house, she put on weight, her coat got fluffier, and she got bigger all over (she was two years old and supposedly fully grown), so we added the alternative name of Puff Catty, as we have noticed that all who join our household seem to get puffier. Cat two appeared at our front window one cold night, skeletally thin, injured, and on his last legs, asking for help at the top of his lungs. He was immensely grateful to be rescued after what had obviously been a long time on the road, and probably happy that we never found his original owner, since his status was eventually upgraded from foster cat to permanent resident in the land of spoiled pets. His name is Kimble, after Richard Kimble, The Fugitive. We had been watching the show before the cat arrived, and it seemed to suit him. We’re not sure what he’s a fugitive from, as his previous life is forever shrouded in the mystery induced by his lack of resume, but it must have been adventurous. He is ten pounds of personality in a five pound package, and he’s gotten puffier too. Then there’s the dog, but not much story there. Named by someone who had her first, Digger - because she is one.

How exciting to have a pet on the way. They add a whole new dimension to one’s days.

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What a fine group of people here! I love pets of all kinds, and this is great, hearing about everyone’s. As for our house, we had to put my mostly black, white-pawed, white whiskered, cat to sleep in Jan, 2 days before my hubby left for UAE. Still miss her. Now, we have a 4month old tortoiseshell calico we named Heather, since that’s what she looks like, only not in bloom. And we just got from a friend a toy fox terrier/jack russell terrier mix little 2 month old puppy my daughter named Crystal, no idea why. Oh, and Heather’s whole name is Heather Jolie Ange (pretty angel in french), but my kids refuse to call her that. They both come running when we call, and answer to kitty girl, precious, and goo’ girl, goo’girl!, not necessarily in that order. My other pet, Mel is currently away til next year, but has left his mark all over the house…still picking up shoes, socks, and assorted ‘things’ he left behind. He said he didn’t want us to miss him too much

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