Your picks for the SDMB 1954 Film Festival

We had some fun with this a while back using films from 1964.

Let’s go back a decade for this one…which films will be on tap for the Doper '54 Film Fest?? Your picks don’t have to be great films or even good ones…feel free to suggest the worst film of the year if you’re so inclined! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll start off with three of my favorites (and a great triple feature to boot): 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Them! and Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Link to IMDB popular films of 1954.

Rear Window and On the Waterfront.

I’ll buy the popcorn! Them! never gets old.

I saw a bunch of those movies in the theater – the westerns and the costume dramas especially. I wonder if The Egyptian is the one where the pharoah’s wife was sealed up in his tomb (alive). I remember the sand coming down and sealing the tomb. If you weren’t claustrophobic before, that’d do the trick.

Saskatchewan started my Alan Ladd crush.

The Caine Mutiny
(horrible looking but very effective film)

Well duh! Godzilla

Jail Bait. What do I win?

I’m going with Hobson’s Choice and Sabrina, because they both starred actors I disliked (Charles Laughton and Humphrey Bogart, respectively) until I saw them in these roles.

The Naked Jungle, starring Eleanor Parker and Charlton Heston. You could pair it with Them!, as ants were a major thing in both movies.

Several good musicals that year – I’ll go with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and White Christmas.

I’m probably going on some industry blacklist for this in 1954, but I pick Beat the Devil.

Seven Samurai and Dial M for Murder.

I went through the first 50 and selected:

Seven Samurai (1954)
Rear Window (1954)
On the Waterfront (1954)
The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954)

Wow…54 was really a great year for films, wasn’t it?!

I can’t pick.

But I’ll go with Seven Samurai.

I can’t believe nobody else has picked The Gay Dog

C’mon, this was the movie that launched Wilfred Pickles’ career.

For short subject, I humbly suggest My Little Duckaroo, featuring Daffy Duck as The Masked Eeeevenger.

The Seven Samurai and The Caine Mutiiny.
was* a great year for film, Taomist!

I still love The Glenn Miller Story

My personal favorite, by a mile, is On the Waterfront, even though I normally hate that genre.

But I have to include The High and the Mighty, primarily for Dimitri Tiomkin’s brilliant score.

So many great movies that year (but not as many as 1939).

My two picks - The Seven Samurai and Godzilla - have already been mentioned, so I’ll just throw in my votes for them as well.

Hell and High water, for some of that Cold War paranoia
And for shit and giggles, I give you : The Silver Chalice, a movie so bad that Paul Newman once took an ad in Variety, asking people not to see it.