Your posting perch?

No, this isn’t a thread about tossing a Percidae on your keyboard.

For the record: where do you place your derrière when Doping?

Me: either the edge of a Santa Fe-themed 7’ sofa, or on a nice shag carpet.

Standard office chair.

One of these.


Deluxe office chair.

Office chair with panel installed on the arm to kill Number Two if he pipes up too much.

JustThinkin and I have a matching set of recliners, and her laptop gets passed beween us. We are usually posting with our arms reaching around various dogs and cats, also.

How in the, wait, why? Is that supposed to be comfortable? Good for the back? Ergonomic?

I’ve got a fairly squishy comfy office chair.

I sit in the living room chair, back against the right arm, laptop on he left arm…
Watching Satellite^Gal and her cousin playing Wii sports… hehe


Sitting on my desk chair but sometimes I post lying on the futon.

Ridin’ the pine!

I have one of those now too. Do you like yours?

My posture is so much better now and it’s good for the abs. They’re a little ugly, but that’s ok.

A ball, choice of three office chairs, in bed, from the truck occasionally.

I’m either in an office chair in my home office, or in a nice comfy leather chair in the living room with the laptop. Like right now. :smiley:

Regular ol’ office chair.

The toilet.

At home, flopped on the sofa. At work, in my office chair. I got an iPhone last week, so now I can Dope anywhere. :smiley:

I shamefully admit I have Doped from here, once. :o

I’ve posted from my office chair at work, from a dining-room chair, from my comfy couch, from the floor, and from the toilet. :smiley: Office chair and couch are most common.