Your predictions for Troy

I watched the SuperBowl trailer for Troy and it actually looks decent. You can at least see the money on the screen. However, Hollywood isn’t famous for its kind and loyal depictions to great classics (though at least Demi Moore isn’t in this one), and I LOVE The Iliad and would hate to see it thoroughly trashed, but it’ll be here whether the movie works or not. (Judging from the character list they’ve cut the gods from the plot, though that’s understandable for a movie.)

So do you have high hopes or low ones for this movie? (It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any major upswing in the price of Greek antiquities and reproductions after the release of this and the Alexander the Great projects in production.)

I really like the teaser trailer for this movie.

I’m not expecting anything really great. Hopefully there will be some nice battle scenes.

Why do ancient Greeks and Romans always speak with English accents?

All I know is that Achilles had better be moping around his tent for most of the movie until his “good buddy” gets whacked while impersonating him.

The Greeks win.


“…and Agamemnon dead”

That’s an incomparably better trailer (especially the pull-back on the ships). I wonder why they didn’t show that during the Super Bowl. (For bonus points, that could have had Paris rip away the covering on one of Helen’s boobs.)

I bet they’ll cut out alot of the Hot Guy-on-Guy Action!

To me, a Greek Hero isn’t a real Greek Hero without a cock in his mouth.

It looks like it could be really good. Even if it sucks, it’s Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom in leather skirts. Wheee :wink:

I read the Iliad over the summer and I don’t remember any guy on guy action that didn’t involve someone getting killed. Did I miss something?


Would them speaking English with a Greek accent be that much better?

It’s hard not to sound English when you have a cock in your mouth.

I, too, am missing the “cock-in-mouth” reference. Please explain.

I am looking forward to the movie. Brad Pitt kicks ass.

Yes, but will they cover the spread?

I love epics.

And the best part of it is the fact that I know about [ ] much about this story, but hey, if Brad Pitt is in it, all buffed and hot, daym, I’ll hit it…errr …watch it.
I’m a tool, but I’m comfortable with it.

Let’s see: lot’s of bloody battle scenes, many resounding speeches ending with a rouse-the-troops speech about how hopeless the coming battle is, charging into the battle knowing they can’t possibly survive, Brad Pitt either a) meets an heroic death as they are all wiped out at the end or b) Brad Pitt is the sole survivor who does the sunset thing with a female love object who is completely extraneous to the plot. Big freakin’ YAWN…

Being a lover of Greek History and Greek Mythology I WAS on the edge of my seat for this movie. I simply couldn’t wait.

And then I heard an unforgiveable ‘spoiler’, which translates to ‘complete change of the actual ending’ and now I’m royally pissed. If there is a Zeus, the rumor of the changed ending isn’t true and I"ll be able to go see it and enjoy it fully.

I’d post mine, but there doesn’t seem to be much point.

Nobody paid attention to Cassandra’s either!


What’s the spoiler please? (In oase you’re not familiar [and I’m not meaning to be condescending if you are, but some Dopers don’t know how to do this] you can hide it using spoiler tags by typing spoiler and /spoiler in brackets for the following effect

The role of Odysseus is now being played by a CGI Scooby Doo

I wasn’t sure if we still had the spoiler option with the new upgrade.

THe spoiler I heard is that:

Paris and Helen stay together at the end of the film

I’ll be honest, I don’t know enough about the Iliad to know whether it gets royally trashed or not. What I think is important, is that they try to keep the spirit of the story and the writers intentions alive while making the movie. I don’t think a detail change here and there is a real big deal.

I love this type of movie in general, so naturally I was totally jazzed when i saw the original trailer. My sister giggled like a little girl (I only remember her doing this when seeing two trailers, LOTR:ROTK and Troy).

So seeing as I’m somewhat biased I tread over to IMDB and did a tiny bit of research. The cast is respectable enough, the only member i really worry about is Orlando Bloom, who doesn’t ruin movies but doesn’t really take them over, either.

On to the behind the scenes people. We all know about Homer, he has a certain amount of respectability, so I don’t really worry about him. David Benioff who wrote the screenplay is a relative newcomer. He was behind 25th Hour (76% Tomatometer). He doesn’t necessarily worry me as this was a relatively good movie to start out with, but he certainly doesn’t a lot of experience.

The Editor, Jonathon Lucas, has edited a bunch movies but only as an assistant, but he presumably had a lot of help from director Wolfgang Peterson (who has had a certain amount of success as a director, his movies generally have a fairly sizeable action component). Also, the orignal music was composed by Gabriel Yared who has done some fine work.

Taking all this into account, i’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy this movie.

I don’t know if you read my spoiler or not, but for those of us who do know the Iliad and Ancient Greek History, the proposed change to this movie is equivalent to having Jesus’ crucifixion end in a gun battle.

It is NOT within the writer’s intentions.