Your reminder that ACA enrollment runs through December 15th!

With all the election noise this isn’t getting the attention it usually does. You still have plenty of time !!

Thank you!

Thanks - I dealt with this almost immediately, because I find the system terrifying and difficult to navigate.* The last thing I need to be doing is signing up (again! - I hate that I have to re-do it again each year) at the last minute and stressing out. I was in the warm embrace of my husband’s employer’s health insurance until my divorce, coupled with having access to world-class health care at affordable prices in Singapore - the reality of American healthcare has been a huge and unpleasant shock for me.

*My particular, stupid boring stories: never mind. I started to explain the Byzantine problems I had last year and this year, but the details are beyond soporific. Suffice it to say that I am not overly stupid, and I find the process scary and difficult. How the hell do people who are less literate manage? I can’t imagine.