Your SDMB New Year's Resolutions

In 2007, I resolve:

  • To stay out of GD and the Pit.

  • To keep my yap shut about religion, sex (esp. gay/trans issues) and politics. It never accomplishes anything but annoying me.

  • Not to link to any youtube videos, no matter how adorable they are.

  • Not to say “Band name!”

  • To lose some wait.

Heh. And I was totally convinced yours would be “more poop threads.”

*Keep my ratio of “my posts to anyone else’s” no more than 10:1 in Apprentice threads.

  • To avoid threads about religion that have even a breath of contentiousness – which means to avoid all threads about religion.

  • To stop giving a couple of posters the benefit of the doubt. Sure, they’ve been irrational and/or offensive and/or over and over again, but maybe this time . . . . Nuh uh. No mas!

[koeeoaddi]I’ll lay off the fake coding[/me]

I’ll also steer clear of the pet/animal threads in the Pit.

To be nicer.

To stop posting first thing in the morning before the caffeine kicks in.

To learn to not be a thread-killer… uh, oh… hope I didn’t do it again.