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I always put my START menu on W95/98 on the top of the screen. Sort of reminds me of the Mac start menu.

But every time I see a w95/98 screen on the tv news/ads/etc its always on the bottom of the screen, just like when it comes out of the box.

So, do you actually like it down there or are people too ignorant to know you can drag it to the top/side?

You can do it from top bottom left or right, I prefer bottom. Just seems right for some reason.

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Mine’s on the right side, so it doesn’t get in the way of me clicking icons on the bottom of netscape. I like how you can make it fill half the screen also. Move mouse over it, half screen filled with it

I prefer bottom but there’s no rationale for it (as opposed to top placement). I don’t like the sidebar as it seems more “intrusive”- it juts out further onto the screen.

I like it at the bottom. However, Windows 98 makes that sucker pop-up anytime the mouse cursor nears the bottom of the screen, making the use of full window annoying - you reach for the bottom scroll button in a text field, and that damned start menu bar covers it up. Wonders never cease.

It is out of the way down there and I am just plain lazy anyway,why fix it if it aint broke.Generally it is the last place I go after a session on line,empty out some files,clear the garbage, make room for tomorrow.Oh and get rid of some recent,clear documents,and get rid those cookies(?)

I keep it on the right side. When it’s on top or bottom, the buttons get so small that I can’t read what they say. On the side, you can make it as wide or as narrow as you like.

I don’t remember what it was that I didn’t like about the left side; it had something to do with certain programs which temporarily take over the whole screen; if the taskbar had been on the left, everything gets pushed to the left, but if the taskbar was on the right, it just vanishes.

I keep the task-bar at the bottom, usually minimized, because it just seems less intrusive that way. I just pull it up to check the time, otherwise I prefer to Alt-Tab between functions.

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I have it on the bottom because I had the annoying habit of clicking on the close button on windows I had open when I was trying to use stuff on the taskbar at the top. I generally have mine unhidden because one or two of my programs would resize when it popped up and that would be really annoying…also sometimes I wouldn’t want it and it would cover up what I was trying to do.

Start button on a mac? Mine don’t got none :frowning:

I like it on the bottom maximized (that means it stays on screen all the time, right) This way I don’t need to deal with it popping in and out when moving my cursor, and since most of my time is online with Netscape it keeps the program and start keys away from my Netscape control keys.

Mine is on the bottom mostly because to me it is less intrusive that way. I’m so used to keeping the mouse far to the right for the arrow bar, that if it were on the right it would get clicked and annoy me. At the top it seems out of place, as well as with the left hand side of the screen. However, at the Language labe at school they have their computers set up with Microsoft NT and the task bar is on the right.

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I keep the taskbar on the bottom just because I have been for about 3 years. That’s it, no other explanation. For about 3 minutes, I had it on the top, and for 5 seconds I had it on the right. I guess I’m just accustomed to going down to the Start menu or any of my 8 tray icons. (Ex: AOL KillTimer, keeps me on AOL and Netscape indefinitely!)

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I always keep mine on the bottom and minimized–never seems to get in the way.

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I keep it at the top, hidden. Like Nick says, it does tend to show itself when you want to close a program at the top. Maybe it’s better to unhide it.

Glad I checked this topic - it hadn’t even occurred to me that you could move the task bar; mine’s been on the left since I got the 'puter, and as someone said, if the cursor touches it, it jumps out; I’ve moved it to the bottom and will see how I like it. Thanks.

Correction - I meant to say the pointer, not cursor.

Always on top, I just like it that way.After all you do read top to bottom and left to right don’t you?

Farmer - that’s exactly why I have mine at the bottom.

There’s very little I have to read or click on at the bottom, usually, so it’s less intrusive there than elsewhere.

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Us proud Macintosh users have an Apple menu, not a start menu, thank you very much.

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