Your Stuffed Animal/Pet Names

Partially inspired by the Unusual Family Names thread, I thought it would be interesting to see how creative Dopers are coming up with names.

You see, my fiance has made it my responsibility to come up with names for the stuffed animals we’ve been accumulating. It all started in an Ohio department store. I know that my fiance likes to sleep with stuffed animals to support her arms, so I bought her a stuffed moose. The exchange went along these lines (pardon the liberal use of smilies, but I think it enhances the story):

Me: Here, I thought you’d dig having a new animal to sleep with. It’s a moose.
Her: Squeee! :eek: Come here, Mr. Moose!
Me: :dubious:
Me: Honey, if you’re going to name him, be a little more creative than that.
Her: :rolleyes: Well, why don’t you come up with something better?
Me: :smack: Shit.

Now I’m scrambling because my beloved bride-to-be has, as usual, turned the game around on me. Thus, wandering about a small department store, long since picked over for the holidays, I am struck by a Moment of Brilliance™. Thank God for the Simpsons.

“Spruce Moose,” I says, “Spruce Moose…er…McGillicuddy.”***** And thus, the name stuck. Since then we have a penguin named Pompey and, most recently I was asked to name a giraffe. She immediately informed that “Geoffrie” is right out. Wellsir, we’ve been on a gangster movie kick lately, so, with the first two parts of the Godfather and Goodfellas fresh on my mind, our giraffe is now Joey the Neck. He’s good in a fight and knows how to keep his mouth shut.

So, what stuffed animal/pet names are you proud of? The more creative and/or silly, the better.

Also, I’d rather this didn’t turn into a picturefest. There are kitten threads here and here.

*Her: Squeeee! :eek:

I named one teddy bear Mr. Macintosh after the fruit vendor on Sesame Street as a kid. The other was Florida Teddy, since he was sent to me by my grandfather from… Florida.

Other than that, everything was named Tibby. I had a weird obsession with that name as a child.

Thinking back to all the animals in my home at one time or another:

Moses (longhaired tabby, male)
Mittens (longhaired Hemingway tabby, male)
Star (short for “Starsky”–it was 1975!–German shepherd/Husky/Samoyan mix, female)
Chase (cockatiel, male, always had to chase him down whenever he landed on the floor)

I have a stuffed purple bear that I named Purple Bear and shorted to PB. When I got a little purple stuffed bear I dubbed him Jelly.

I seem to have had a strange fascination for words as a child which has not carried into adulthood.

My bear was Theodore. And one short version of Theodore is Teddy. Of course he was never a Teddy Bear because that would be confused with his name. He was always a Bear. Named Theodore.

My stuffed fox was called Todd. And a todd is of course another name for fox.

I was a weird kid.

(PS My computers are called Lucy and Old Grunty if it helps).

My cats have normal names: Abby, Emma, Sasha, Jackson, Damon, Otto.
But I seem to give them all food nicknames. Peaches, Pumpkin, Marshmellow(for my whities), Streudel, Angel Cake, Peanut, Noodle(rip), Butterbear, Brownie Boy, Hambone, Porkpie.
I guess that says a lot more about us humans , eh?

Yes, the wife collects memento stuffed animals. <sigh> So far, they remain on her side of the bed. There is Fante (elephant), Valentine (llama), Crabby (guess), Merry Christmoose (who is really a reindeer), Sandy Claws (lobster), a stuffed Buddha in lotus position, and a singing, dancing Elvis teddy bear. Nothing very original, I’ll admit.

Okay, I have given up all the stuffed animals awarded me by my husband. My mother likes to send them to me too. Please, people, consider donating these mongrols to Toys For Tots . What are they doing except taking up room in your closet? Donate them, please. Please.

i don’t have any stuffed animals, but the pets have Mr. Moo, Quackers, and Bob the demon bunny.

I have a bear wearing full highland dress that was given to me by a friend for my birthday a few years ago. He glories in the name of Haggis McMuppet.

Well… I have a leopard named Namir (it means swift cat), my penguin is Sigmund (yes, I read the Anita Blake books) and my bear is Beertje (teddy bear in Dutch).

I have a Koala named Snowflake too, but that one was named by my Dad.

My son is quite literal. Every stuffed dog is Puppy, every bear is Bear (or Panda in the case of the panda).

My brother sent me Muggins and he goes by Muggins.

I have this Downy woodpecker who goes by Robert, for obvious reasons.

I also sent my brother a big stuffed pug who I named Tiberius 2 after this guy. Occasionally I sent him e-mails saying “Brush me. Love, T2”.
I really have no imagination about these things. My first bear from my first Christmas I called “Mr. Bear”. My stuffed frog? 'Mr. Frog". :smack:

I had quite a few strangely named stuffed animals as a kid. Most of which I do not remember why they got those names.

[li]a clown named Mr. Clay[/li][li]a mouse named Mordechai[/li][li]a snake named Mrs. Mouse[/li][li]a chipmunk named Nosy (I actually do know the origin of this one)[/li][li]a green bear named Green Green*[/li][li]a grey bear named Grey Grey*[/li][li]a chimpanzee named Chauncey[/li][/ul]

Those are all I remember at the moment.

*My husband found these names quite hilarious. A couple of years ago he found a brown stuffed bear along the side of the road one day, brought it home and washed it, and named it Brown Brown.

My wife travels often on business, and for a while and just for fun, was picking up a small stuffed toy from the places she went to. The toy’s name was that of the city it came from. So we had a Regina Bear from the city of that name in Saskatchewan, a Denver Bear (from Colorado), a Victoria Cat (from British Columbia), and a Marky Dog (shortened from Markham, in Ontario), among many others.

It got to be a problem though, when she was doing so much business travel that she couldn’t remember where one stuffed toy–a bear–came from. So he was simply dubbed Somewhere Bear, the name he carries to this day.

When I was in college, my roommate went to an amusement park and brought back a stuffed monkey he had won at a game booth. I named the little simian Yortuk, after one of the Czechoslovakian brothers on the then-popular Wild and Crazy Guys skits.

While she was at a nursing home, my grandmother somehow acquired two stuffed pandas. After she died, my parents brought home her personal effects. I dubbed one of the critters Panda Monium, and the other Yin Yang.

I’ve also renamed some of the real live dogs that Long Time First Time has temporarily boarded at her home. One Miniature Pinscher, or “min pin”, became Min Min in honor of Australia’s ghost lights. A dachshund who seemed to be 80% larynx was dubbed Yip Yap. I imagined her wearing a little sweater that said YY on the front and I Griega Squared on the back. (I griega, or “Greek letter I”, is the Spanish way of designating the letter Y.)

My brother had some wild stuffed animal names. There was a koala named Kibi Sunstrom. The clown named Goey-O-Kisso. A bear named Nosabee Sickman. He is a big tough former Marine now and denies all knowledge of such silliness, but I still have the first two as proof/blackmail evidence.

Having to really push my brain to remember:

(from childhood)
Stuffed Unicorn- “Crown”
Stuffed Puppydog- “Frisky”
Stuffed Koala Bear- “Koaly”
Stuffed Owl- “Owlie”
Hamster- Sampson
umm, those’re pretty lame

Stuffed animal I got after surgery (as an adult) that I named in a drugged stupor, and it was an awesome, clever name: alas, I couldn’t remember it after I came around, and it plagues me to this day, because it was 1) awesome and 2) clever

Cat names:
Minx (the Manx)
Little Gray

Bird name:

Dog name:
Joey (aka Joseph, Joe Boy, The Boy, Joe, Jojo Risin’, Jo-wee, Jo-Jo the Boy-faced Dog, My Boy Joey, “Joey, baby…”[to the tune of the Concrete Blonde song]) Actually I need some new ones to add to my repertoire- any suggestions?

I sleep with a stuffed lobster named Bobster.

A friend of mine, who has always had a screw loose, named his Jack Russel Salvador Milosovich. His mom insisted on calling him Milo, but that name still cracks me up to this very day.

A little badger called Shaw because things relating to (George Bernard) Shaw are referred to as ‘shavian’ and Shaving brushes used to be made from badger’s fur… dreadful pun!

And a plush dodo called Theodore, named after the first English Treasurer of Mauritius…