Your Top 3 Pandora Stations

I’ve got tons of Pandora stations that I routinely cycle through based on mood, occasion, and whim but some I play more than others. What are your top 3 pandora stations and why?

1 - Tony Hawk - I started this with Goldfinger’s Superman. It was in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game from when I was a teen. I love the fast beat ska and it lends itself to the gym, nostalgia, and even with tons of usage, “new” songs still pop up.

2 - Piano - I started this with the Charlie Brown theme. Sometimes I need to do concentrate so I don’t like playing music with lyrics. The jazzy instrumentals provides perfect background music.

3 - Frat Basement - I can’t even remember what I started this one with. Petey Pablo? It’s an amalgamation of rap and hip hop from the 90’s through early 2000’s. Helps pass time on long road trips.