"Your window cracked because the frame of your car is old, rusty, and shifting"

Yes, another car question. Different car.

91 Honda Civic hatchback.

Rusty in some spots.

We got a small crack in the middle of the windscreen (windshield) and it grew and grew over a period of weeks to several feet.

We had it replaced this morning, and the guy told my husband to “not expect it to last” because the car was old and rusty and the frame was shifting and it would probably crack as well.

Is this guy for real, or just trying to get out of the lifetime warranty?

We were planning to fix the AC on this car (assuming it ran under $700) and keep it “one more year” … but if the window is going to go again and Safelight is going to bullshit us on the warranty …


Ask your mechanic to put it on the rack and give you an educated guess on how rusty the car is (or to be exact, how severe the rust is.) If he doesn’t like what he sees, find a decent (not even great, just decent) body shop and ask for an estimate.

Rust can be a killer, both financially and literally. When my father died, his immaculate, beautifully maintained car went to my sister. The first time her mechanic looked at it, he warned her not even to dare driving it to the junkyard.

Well, dad says the guy is full of crap.

Mechanic is intimate with the car, shakes his head every time he sees it (which is usually when my husband is picking me up after I drop off the Escort), saying “that thing is gonna run forever”.

I have seen a rear window on a 68 Mustang pop completely out of the vehicle due to body flexure resulting from extreme rust, so it is possible you could have a crack form and propagate due to body movement. Whether or not that’s the case cannot be determined by anyone here who doesn’t inspect the car personally, I fear.