Your worst comic in the newspaper.

I love my daily funnies. But Jebus Kripes, the Milwaukee Urinal-Shitnal needs to make some replacements. Marvin, Between Friends, Ziggy, Family Circus, Hi & Lois, Beetle Baily. They all are unfunny, out of date, and need to go.

But keep them all if they just get rid of one: Mr. Boffo! :smack::mad:

It is sand in the mouth unfunny, uninteresting, dull, and outright stupid!
So, what is the 1 comic you’d have your paper delete if it were up to you. You get to pick just one. (Dishonorable mentions OK)


I liked it in the 60s, but that was a long time ago.

The Fusco Brothers is pretty awful. A typical strip has a strained set-up leading to an unfunny punchline. J.C. Duffy, the strip’s author, seems never to reject an idea or to hone the ideas he does have. I understand that writing a daily strip is hard work. He should try it.

Get Fuzzy. I’ve never got it. It has never been funny. It has never even made much sense. It’s like this hipster inside joke thing that I don’t care to get. If it weren’t for the truly shitty Close to Home (Far Side rip-off) it would come in last.

By the way, *Tundra *… now there’s a good Far Side rip-off.

All the “legacy” comics are awful, and I think the worst is Marmaduke (“what a big dog!” is the only joke ever)

This link gives a great takedown of that comic.

There’s some stupid unicorn comic strip that has suddenly appeared in the local paper. Actually most of the comics they run make we want to burn down the building.

Just my opinion. But I think that newspapers are all wrong for comic strips.

A comic book can be saved and it has value and that value increases in the future.

But newsprint is a bad medium. If I’m not mistaken, comic strips tend to erode more quickly when printed on newsprint than they do when printed in a comic book.

Besides, most comic strips in newspapers are black & white even though they are in color in comic books. Don’t the color versions have more value than the B&W versions?

Full disclosure, I only every read the color funnies in the Sunday paper.

I get a paper every Sunday morning just for the comics and the puzzles. I haven’t bought a daily paper otherwise in probably over a decade.

FTR, I happen to like Mr. Boffo.

I’m not a newspaper comic fan in general, but, please, let me get rid of Marvin. Most of the rest are just bland and unfunny. Marvin is actively revolting.

Mallard Filmore, hands down. The ones already mentioned are lousy. MF is actively malevolent.

It has not been in my paper for years (thankfully) but the Fusco Brothers seemed like some Newspaper Editor lost a bet. Badly drawn and completely humorless.


My OP is talking about something I read while taking a dump in the morning. Not investing in a goddamned work of art! Sheesh! :rolleyes:

Mutts. So, so dumb. Except when they have a “preachy week”, which is unfunny in a different way. And the cat’s speech impediment is so annoying to try and read through.

“Zack Hill” was cute until the strip starting veering off into stories about their boarders. (Zack is a 10-year-old boy who lives in a huge old house with his widowed mother, who rents out their extra bedrooms to elderly single men to make ends meet.) Those stories weren’t funny, or even interesting, and I wasn’t surprised when my local paper dropped it.

Mallard Fillmore, named after one of our shittiest Presidents. I don’t mind conservative humor. It just is also criminally unfunny, and preachy.

Family Circus is useful because it’s inspired so much parody.

Get Fuzzy is the worst? WTF?

Pardon My Planet is the worst in our paper. And that’s saying something because we have Judge Parker and Rex Morgan, M.D.

We need a strip about the comics we like the best, and why!

Legacy comics remain in the paper for two reasons:

  1. Old people have been reading them their entire lives, and old people are the newspapers’ last loyal readers. This is pretty obvious when you consider that For Better or For Worse has been recycling strips since 2008 and Peanuts since 2000!

  2. Old people who have grandchildren think their grandchildren will enjoy having things like The Family Circus read to them.

They’re reruns. Not new. They’re the same ones that were printed 40 years ago.

My vote is for Mark Trail.

Doonesbury. Even the Supreme Court would find it utterly lacking in humor, intelligence or redeeming social significance.