You're a jerk and you blow a whistle from the stands at an NBA game

Let’s say you’re a huge Blazers fan and are attending a Lakers playoff game in LA. You’re wearing a Lakers jersey. You manage to get close enough so that at an opportune moment you blow a ref whistle you’ve snuck in and it affects the outcome of the game - players stop, etc.

Since you’re clever enough to be wearing a Lakers jersey, you’re clever enough to have timed this deliberately so that it seems you’re a Laker fan trying to hurt the Blazers. Let’s say the Blazers get a game-changing technical, or whatever.

What would be the ruling at the game? The fallout? How about after it comes out that you’re really a “double-agent”?

Why doesn’t this happen more often? Or more often at a college game? Seems like there’d be more jerks out there that would do this.

I’m choosing basketball here over football or hockey b/c the players could hear the whistle more clearly, with no helmets and the fans being closer to the action.

I think (at least) one reason is prolly that people don’t want to get their ass kicked by the fans around them.

A similar question I posed a couple years back.

If you were a season ticket holder, you’d certainly lose your tickets. If you got your ticket from another season ticket holder, they’d probably lose their tickets. You’d certainly be banned from the arena.

So I hope it was worth it! :smiley:

I’m not even sure they would know. It would be pretty easy to crouch down, blow it, then stand up looking around. It’s not like you’re going crazy on a vuvuzela.

Most of the time the home team is answerable for conduct of people in the stands, regardless of who’s rooting for whom.

I don’t think the refs would T-up your team in the first place. The team with the ball would probably just take the ball out of bounds and the game would resume.

You would for sure be escorted out of the building and your tickets revoked if you were a Season Ticket holder.