You're going to be seeing a lot less of me from now on

So weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and beating of breasts over here in this corner, and cheering, laughing, dancing, and general celebration back in that corner, please.

Yup. I’m afraid I start school tomorrow. I predict my post count per day will begin to decline rather precipitously in the near future. It’s nothing personal. I still love you all, and I’ll pop by when I can. :smiley:

Not you too, Smeghead. Everybody seems to be going back to school, getting a job, and a lot of less important stuff like that. Of course I’m also going back to university in a couple of weeks, but I’ve got my priorities straight. :smiley:
Oh well. You will be missed. Don’t stay away too long.

silent_rob, are you Canadian, by any chance?

Why yes I am, Snooooopy. I suspect you got that from me saying I was going back to university, and not going back to the university. Or possibly from my profile.
Why do you ask?

Sorry to hijack your thread Smeg, but, in my case, my post count will probably increase in the next week or so. Come Tuesday morning, three of my kids will be in school for seven hours a day. I still will have the youngest here, but he is four now and I’ve been looking for a preschool program to enroll him in (I’ve been calling around to the different preschools all summer, but they were all booked solid for preschool enrollments. I didn’t know that sometimes you have to enroll these kids a couple of years ahead of time. It never used to be that way).

Okay, you can have your thread back now. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was the university thing. But Americans probably wouldn’t say they were going back to the university, they’d say they were going back to college – even if they go to a university.

This particular speech pattern is what eventually clued me in to the Canadian-ness of Lynn Johnston, who draws “For Better or For Worse.” Oddly enough, the fact that the family depicted within the strip has an unusual number of relatives in Vancouver and Calgary didn’t tip me off at all. I think I’ve seen the characters in the strip talk about receiving “marks” instead of “grades” on their report cards, but that’s not all that specific to Canada.

If someone else could take over my 5 or 6 posts a day, I would really appreciate it. I’m also back in school on the 5th.

But hey, if I find that I can ace calculus without studying for it, I’ll be here all the time.

Good god! August 28th! Ack! That’s today!
Fortuneatly, I don’t start till the 6th when, * gasp* I start HIGH SCHOOL! Oh well, it should be fun…

And I thought that this post was going to be about you losing weight! :slight_smile:

You know, it’s really an amazing phenomenon. Any thread I start quickly becomes a chat room for two people. It’s happened many many times. I’m applying for a grant to study this.

And Revedge, if that were to happen, you’d see a much more excited title!

Smeghead won’t be on as much, huh? Well, maybe now someone else can score a few points in #SD-Trivia :wink:


Jeez, you guys, you gotta know what’s important. School? College? Hell, I’ll bet you learn more here.

But…if you absolutely insist on attending classes and stuff like that, good luck. Remember to write.

College vs university? Marks, grades, school…?

Sorry, been hanging around SD too much; opened this thread figuring it’d be about either circumscion or cold weather closing down the nudist camp.


Leaving now,