You're hungry--there's no food in the house...

…how far must you travel to get something to eat? (Disaster supplies and fruit trees in the back yard don’t count!)

I’m 100 steps away from a gas station mini-mart.

There is a Hy-Vee and a smattering of restaurants within a five minute drive.

That’s about the same for me.

Depends on the time of day.

Until 9pm, I’m a four-minute walk from a mid-sized mall with a passable food court. I also have a variety store in my building complex that’s open 'til 11pm.

Later than that, there’s a 3-4-1 Pizza on the opposite corner of the intersection the mall is on. It’s open 'til 3am on Thursdays and Fridays, midnight otherwise. Any later than that, and there are two 24-hour gas stations/variety stores on either side of the mall. One of them carries Krispy Kreme donuts, too, in case I need an ultra-rich, million-calorie snack.

So, at any given time of day or night, no more than 10 minutes from anything edible.

Grocery store, fast food, and six restaurants all clustered at the first major intersection with the road my apartment complex is on. Half a mile, I guess. Same thing in the other direction, although a bit farther, maybe a mile. Snack bar at the office building through the woods less than five hundred yards, but I would not eat there.


Can I go a quarter mile up the road and beg something off the in-laws? If not, then about four miles to the nearest convenience store.


Within 1000 feet, I’ve got a Thai restaurant, a pizza place that’s also a bar, two other bars with bar food, an IHOP, an all-you-can-eat Chinese Buffet, a Dunkin’ Donuts/TOGO Sandwich shop, a Subway, a Mexican carryout and a burger/gyro carryout, a hot dog stand, a Dollar Tree, a Walgreens and a mini-mart. I think the Burger King just closed. Oh, and a McDonalds across from where the Burger King was. It’s less than a mile in either direction to one of two large grocery stores.

Then again, I live in The City (Chicago), where 10 miles is “far away” and can take an hour’s drive.

There’s a liquor store about half a block away. Do Doritos and beer count?

Unless I beg food from a near neighbor, I’m 3.5 to 4 miles away from the nearest gas station. I’m probably upwards of 5 miles from the nearest hot meal, maybe near ten depending on what’s open at that hour.

My home region isn’t excessively pedestrian friendly, when you consider it’s 3.5-4 miles of near-shoulderless highway before you hit town.

Absolutley! Distance to* “real”* food would be a different category altogether!

But feel free to discriminate if you choose. As a matter of fact, the 2nd-closest source of food to me is a chinese take-out that gave me food poisoning the last time I went. I’d go hungry rather than eat there again.

7-11’s on each end of the block.
150 “restaurants” within a mile according to Yahoo. They include donut shops and gas stations, but that’s still an impressive figure. When my house was in the bedroom suburbs there was one, exactly one place within 5 miles.

Less than a 1/4 mile away in various directions I’ve got the Hippie Grocery Store (Davis Co-Op), a pizza place, Subway, Nugget store, Albertsons, McDonalds and Baskin Robbins.

Yeah, my apartment location pretty much rocks.

I’m a good half mile, maybe a little more–urban mile, which always seems further than a rural mile–from even the most minimal source of groceries. I live in an odd pocket of Seattle that has no such convenience for non-drivers. I have to get on a bus if I want cream for my coffee. Sucks real hard. I have to grocery shop on my way home from work, which sucks harder: I work till midnight, when the buses are few and far between, so getting off to shop means sitting at a bus stop for a while; and I have to limit my purchases to two bags full, because I live up a steep hill from the closest bus stop.

Recent solution: Dominos twofer tuesday, I get a couple copies of cheese-and-dough-only pizza (their sauce is awful), and gnosh on that for about half a week.

Five blocks to a neighborhood grocery store, seven blocks to a Safeway, a little more than that to restaurants.

So, seven to 12 minutes.

Eight miles, and if it’s after 10 p.m., I’d have to settle for tavern food. Mmmmmmm, pickled eggs.

Got a 7/11 a pub and a supermarket all within a 2 min walk of me. Yay for boxed nachos!

No food in the house doesn’t happen here. That being said, two blocks to a grocery store and a family restaurant.

Across the road, down the laneway, across the road and I’m at the supermarket. I can actually see the Safeway sign from the front bedroom window. One or two blocks right and I’m at the complex that houses Subway and KFC (and for good measure, an enormous bottle shop).

There’s a supermarket in the ground floor of my apartment building, and an English-style pub directly across the street. Woo hoo!

Within 1/4 mile of my apartment: Kroger, 3 gas stations, Costco, Applebee’s, Arby’s, Burger King, Mcdonalds, Qodoba, Quiznos, Papa Johns, a KFC/A&W, and a Borders with a food cafe. The one gas staion is 100 feet away.