You're In Jail Awaiting Trial (But Not Convicted). Do You Get To Vote?

Let’s say someone with no priors is in jail on Election Day. He’s awaiting trial for [insert heinous crime here]. He has not yet been convicted, for this crime or any other crime.

Does the jail have any obligation to accommodate him so he can vote?

If you are in jail and aren’t barred from voting due to a past felony, you are entitled to vote. Most prisons don’t make it easy, though.

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So far as I know, any such person would be eligible for an absentee ballot in any state.

I knew somebody in that situation in a Kansas county jail. He was able to request and cast an absentee ballot, but the jail mailroom confiscated the return envelope the elections office supplied; he had to use an envelope purchased at the jail commissary. (No idea how the elections office regarded that nonstandard return.)