You're locked out of your house; how screwed are you?

You’re home alone; you walk out the door to get the mail. The door locks shut behind you.

How screwed are you?
[li]Not at all. It’s not possible for me to lock myself out.[/li]
[li]Not at all. I have a key hidden.[/li]
[li]Slightly. I know how to “break in” to my house.[/li]
[li]Possibly. I gave my neighbor a key; as long as they’re home, I’m fine.[/li]
[li]A little. I’ll have to call my wife/kids/a relative/a friend who has a key.[/li]
[li]I’m fairly screwed. I’ll have to call a locksmith.[/li]
[li]I’m totally screwed. It’s going to be a major ordeal, e.g. I’ll have to walk a ways to a neighbor, hope they’re home, hope they’ll let me use their phone, and hope a locksmith is able to get out here.[/li]
[li]Something else.[/li][/ul]


I have a keypad on my garage door, and I can enter from there without a key. I’m perfectly fine.

Not screwed at all because ib a worst case scenario we simply break a window abd crawl back in.

My exterior doors require a key to lock them. If I manage to find myself locked out despite that, my detached garage has a keypad, and there is a house key hidden in the garage.

Key hidden in shed. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s on the top shelf under the ceramic bunny.

Not at all. There are loose cobblestones up and down my driveway. :slight_smile:

Not at all screwed. I just need to walk a mile to the office and retrieve the spare I keep in my desk drawer. I don’t need a key to get into the office, just the key code.

I voted “mildly screwed” by actually I can get in using the garage remote. And my spouse has keys. So if I lost my car AND my spouse isn’t around I can’t get in, as none of the locks are easily defeated, but that would be an unusual set of circumstances.

Only a minor inconvenience. I call my landlord, who lives five minutes away.

Now, if I’m locked out without my phone, I’m majorly screwed.

We don’t lock our house. But, if for some reason it got locked, I keep a key in the glove compartment of my truck. Or I would just crawl through the doggie door.

Worst-case scenario, I’d have to call my wife or a relative who lives a couple miles away. While I waited, I’d either jump into the hot tub or commune with the goldfish… I might even appreciate the enforced relaxation.

Most likely scenario: about 9 months out of the year, if I’m home, then a window is open/unlocked and it would be easy to remove the screen and get in that way.

Pfft. Not a problem. The window in the guest bedroom doesn’t lock, and there’s a key behind the grill, and the combination to the garage keypad is 7249, so


Not screwed – lots of options, including wife, daughter, and neighbor with key

Not at all, or possibly. One of our windows and/or the back door is usually unlocked, and I have a key nailed to a tree. But if everything is locked, and my wife has used the spare key and then left it on the counter, then I have to ask a neighbor to use their phone.

On a somewhat related note, I thought I lost my car keys at the library today. I thought I was going to have to stay there for a few hours, maybe bum some money for food for the kid, until my wife could bring the spare set. Fortunately, my keys were in the side pocket of my bag all along :confused:

I just hope you are not black.

My neighbor has a key, so I’m probably fine. I once broke a window when I locked myself out, though not quite intentionally (it was the window of an old back door I was trying to open that turned out to be painted shut).

I don’t lock my doors in the first place.

I keep a key in a realtor lock box that’s in a non-obvious place, so I can get back in with little trouble. I also don’t normally use the door locks, just the deadbolts, so I have to have a key to lock the door anyway.

Did it once. Cost me $150 to call a locksmith.

There’s rocks near the window. I’ll be fine.