Youth steals dead man's head...for use as a bong

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Surely there are easier, much less creepy things out of which bongs can be made.

Seriously…a dead man’s head? Wouldn’t that be a little difficult to turn into a bong? I would imagine that all sorts of cleaning, drilling, buffing, etc would be required before you could smoke out of the head of a deceased person.

But, what do I know? I have never attempted to make any sort of smoking device out of any part of a dead person.

Oh, and I would be pissed about this if I was this man’s widow!

Back in the day, if you wanted a bong, you could just go to a head shop.

He wanted to get stoned out his head.

Bring a whole new meaning to the term Pothead.

Can I say that it’s particularly effed up that the kid is facing 25 years for doing this, while routinely many murderers face less than that.

I’m not trying to say that the kid shouldn’t be punished, if he’s found to be of sound mind, that is. Just it seems a bit odd that a vehicular manslaughter conviction should be less time than what this kid is facing for defacing (sic) a dead body.

*Brother stole a coconut; he stole it for a time.
His sister had another one, she got it for her dime.

She put the dime in his coconut; she smoke 'em both up …*

I say… Doctor?

Well, one thing’s for sure about a kid with a felony conviciton:
[austin powers]
He’ll never be the head of a major corporation.
[/austin powers]

You put the bong in the coconut…

Crap, I had the window open too long and lieu beat me to it. :mad:

In Russia, bong smokes you!

Not really. It should be pretty easy and doable in about 15 minutes. But I won’t say how, since I’d probably be (rightfully) mod-slapped for it.

But - eeeeew! Nasty! :eek:

Isn’t the mark of a true pothead the ability to smoke out of anything?

All bad puns aside, I must say that it would make the creepiest bong ever.

Ah, but what would be cool is using a live man’s head for a bong.

I wonder… the brain might make a good filter. :rolleyes:

Uh… Which hole would be the carb? :wink:

Didn’t I hear somewhere that kids put formaldehyde in joints for a higher high? :confused:

Maybe this is what it was all about.

Pretty sick, but I would think psychiatric care rather than prison. This kid has serial killer written all over him.

best to all


That was my first thought, too. This sounds like a Jeffrey Dahmer in the making.

Usually, yes. But the motivation shown here is much too high for the average, run-of-the-mill stoner. Most will use whatever happens to be at hand–tin foil, soda cans, a 2-liter bottle and the bathtub …

This kid is definitely exceptional, because nobody I know would ever have expended that much energy when you can make a decent steamroller out of a Pringles can–and have the chips, too.

[Denis Leary]
Heh, hey, hey, h’GUYS! I made a BONG… outta my HEAD!
[/Denis leary]

Could this be a misunderstanding of the phrase “deadhead”?

I think he was going for a triple-word score on the Purity Test.