Youtube should normalize the sound levels of all it's clips.

I hope you know what I mean by that and that it’s possible with computers.
It’s so annoying having to keep one hand on the volume knob of the speakers while watching youtube vids at work.

I agree, but I can’t summon up any rage over it.

I should tell you, I haven’t been able to summon rage about anything whatsoever for years now, but certain things qualify as pittable for the fact that they needn’t happen, and this is one of them.

It’s pittable that unprepared I can be the person to blame for a sudden mega-loud noise in an office that co-houses a call-center.

Yeah, you do need to be careful about the sound level. I generally turn the sound down before I play the clip and raise the volume as it plays, then rewind it and start it again. It’s a pain in the ass, but I live in an apartment and keep odd hours. I’ve learned to be careful about my speaker volume, becuase if I accidentally blast the sound too many times, I get a letter threatening me with eviction if it happens again. I was once told by the then building manager that one of my neighbors “likes to complain a lot”, so that mitigates some of the stress. Fortunately (sort of) my building has a high turnover of building managers; we get a new one every ten months or so. Each new manager apparently doesn’t know about the previous complaints/warnings against me. I’ve gotten about three such warnings, and each ruins my day.

Fucking thin walls!
Fucking piece of shit subwoofer!
Fucking YouTube’s erratic volume levels!


Of course, that doesn’t do much to protect your ears but keeps the coworkers and the neighbors happy.

Heh - Lobsang is watching Youtube videos with his hand on his knob. Heheheh.

Sorry, I’m having an immature day. :smiley:

Exactly. Headphones make my ears hurt. I only use them when I want to listen to music at night. Fucking headphones!

I think it sounds good in theory, but to merely force the dynamic range of the sound to be equal in all clips would be difficult to do well. A particularly quiet video would sound excessively noisy. You’d need some sort of artificial intelligence to suss out the appropriate level. In any case, Comcast sure as shit can’t figure it out, there must be a 20dB difference between channels on my TV for normal conversations.

And my big pet peeve, why the fuck do pornos raise the volume so much when the chick is faking an orgasm? Almost everybody has neighbors or roommates for crying out loud!

I can’t stand this on YouTube, but even worse are the people who upload a completely useless and worthless clip of music, especially live music. I went on there after the first Smashing Pumpkins reunion show, and I had to wade through page after page of cell phone video clips where the audio was nothing but pure square wave digital distortion, completely useless and worthless and unrecognizable. Why would you even upload that?!

What you want isn’t normalization, it’s compression. The content varies so widely that putting one compression setting isn’t going to have good results for all the videos, so you’re just as well off as you are with the volume knob.

Those complaining about TV is mixed ought to buy a compressor. I ought to, as well, but I’m still listening in mono, fer chrissakes.