Youtube videos and liability?

I have uploaded a video on Youtube about replacing a GFCI on a residential electrical panel.

The video is 15 minutes long and I spend maybe one minute on the actual replacement. The other 14 minutes I talk about safety. Eg, which parts of the board will be still energized even after the main switch is turned off, use of proper insulated tools, how and why test with a multimeter and not a test light, why wearing rings is bad, etc.

I believe it is a great video that covers all relevant safety issues.

But what happens if some fool after watching my video (and apparently not following my recommendations) manages to get electrocuted?

I thought about that and added a disclaimer right at the start of the video saying that the video is for educational purposes and only certified electricians should work on a distribution board.

But then, Youtube is full of videos of dangerous and irresponsible stunts that don’t even have a disclaimer.

Has anyone ever been held liable about the content of their Youtube videos?

Can you be sued?? Sure, you can be sued for anything.
Is it likely you will be sued? No. Slightly more chance of getting sued if you are a company doing some sort of advertising on youtube.
If you are sued, will they prevail?? Probably not. Of course even if you win, you still lose because you’re out legal expenses.

I would think a “your-mileage-may-vary” type disclaimer might not be a bad idea.